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What is Walking Depression and How to Overcome it

When we think of the word “depressed” we typically imagine someone who looks sad.
For the most part, this is accurate enough – Many people who suffer from depression tend to demonstrate certain symptoms.

It is a disorder, after all.

Sure, not everyone picks up on these symptoms but anyone who knows you well enough should be able to tell that something is wrong with you.

Be it from the way that you smile, avoid social interactions or just how resigned you might seem, someone is bound to notice.

But what happens when they don’t?
In some cases, people would just assume that this is the kind of person that you are.
Even those who you interact with daily might not notice the change, assuming that it happens over a long enough period of time.

In some cases, however, you can keep your condition perfectly hidden.
Heck, you could even fool yourself.

You might have a great job and a family that loves you, you might even laugh and seem happy all the time, but you really are not.

This is what we call “walking depression”

What is walking depression?

Walking depression is not a proper, diagnostic term – You can’t be diagnosed with “walking depression”.
Rather, it is a nickname for the experience of walking, talking, even smiling despite being unhappy or even downright depressed.

On the outside, people who are like that are fully functioning members of society.
They can have a long-lasting relationship, maintain their jobs and even raise a family.

All of that is well and good were it not for the fact that they are suffering on the inside.

This type of behavior, for someone who suffers from a depressive disorder, is very unusual.
Many of the typical symptoms of depression are missing, making diagnosis much more complicated than in most cases.

That isn’t to say that walking depression is any less dangerous.
In fact, leaving it untreated can lead to disastrous results, which only become more and more likely given its nature.

After all, many of the people who have depression and act as though there is nothing wrong with them actually believe that they have depression at all.

How to overcome walking depression

Due to the fact that this behavior makes the disorder so difficult to diagnose it can go completely untreated in many cases.
After all, you appear to be fine.

That isn’t to say that concealed depression is not severe, far from it.
In fact, the misconception that truly severe cases of depression have to be obvious is a myth that only damages depression sufferers.

So what can you do about it? How can you overcome this disorder?

For the most part, walking depression is the same as any other depression disorder and can be treated as such.
That being said, walking depression presents unique challenges that need to be dealt with.

Hiding your depression

1) Recognize that you are depressed

One of the causes of concealed depression is unawareness.
The world keeps moving around us, and as long as we can keep up then there shouldn’t be anything wrong with us.

At least in theory.

Another contributing factor to walking depression is the expectations of the people around you.
They might not necessarily be saying it, but there is a certain implication in their words and actions.

They will greet you with a smile, laugh, tell you their own stories, invite you to social gatherings and so on.
The worst part about it is that you are expected to do the same, and once you do, everyone assumes that everything is fine even when it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Even when, on the inside, you are absolutely miserable.

All of these experiences make admitting to yourself that you are depressed that much harder.

Don’t let others define your feelings.
Even if people will question the legitimacy of your condition it shouldn’t really matter to you.

After all, acknowledging your depression is the first step of treating it.
If you don’t acknowledge it then you will continue to be miserable.

2) Do not be ashamed of your condition

One big problem with walking depression is that people don’t want to admit to it.
In other words, a lot of people with depression are ashamed of their condition and try to hide it.

This can be done due to a variety of reasons.
One common reason is that their own feelings might seem unfounded.
After all, so many people have it so much worse, so what right do you have to say that you are miserable?

This line of thinking is actually very damaging, not to mention incorrect.
Shame and depression are closely related and by underestimating your own problems you are only making them worse.

That aside, the causes of depression can range from stressful life events to genetics and even other medical conditions.

In fact, it can be argued that most cases of depression don’t have any one particular cause.
The truth is that depression is irrational, making the disorder impossible to reason with.

There is nothing illegitimate about the way that you are feeling, regardless of what anyone else tells you.
Some people might take your condition lightly, but you shouldn’t listen to them.

3) Visit a professional and get a diagnosis

Look, the fact is that it is very likely that you are not really suffering from depression at all.
According to one study, up to 60% of all people who were diagnosed with depression don’t actually suffer from depression.

The truth is that depression is a difficult disorder to diagnose.
The reason for that is that many other illnesses, disorders and medical conditions can share many symptoms with depression.

Diagnosis normally takes about three months, only the can a disorder be determined.

In any case, you absolutely must not diagnose yourself.
You are the most likely person to know whether or not there is something wrong with you, but you are not at all a specialist when it comes to actually understanding what that is.

The truth is that different conditions should be treated differently.
Do yourself a favor and invest in a therapy session with a professional.

If nothing else, they will be able to help you understand your situation a bit better.

4) Try making changes in your life

Although unreasonable and seemingly random, depression doesn’t normally pop out of nowhere.
Rather, it is caused by a variety of factors that build up over time, even without you actually noticing anything.

To put it simply, you feel fine until you suddenly don’t.

One possibility for that is that your lifestyle and habits are actively working against you.
Sure, you can continue walking around and smiling as though there is nothing wrong, but that’s only because you are used to behaving this way.

In that sense, the way that you act is a habit and nothing more – it means nothing.

One way to combat this monotony is to bring change into your life.
It doesn’t have to be something big, but it should spice up your day.

You are making some changes in your life, might as well try to make them positive ones.

For example, try changing your sleeping habits.
Try to go to sleep an hour earlier and wake up early as well, or perhaps start exercising in the morning.

Instead of watching the TV after work, maybe you could spend some time with your partner, family or friends?

There are many healthy and positive changes that you can make to your schedule.
They will keep you engaged and immersed. Maybe even through them you will be able to overcome this disorder

At the very least, getting more sleep at night would do you some good.

Overcome walking depression

5) Overcome your depression

Look, depression is not a pretty condition, regardless of how well you deal with it.
Sure, you might be able to live your life just as well as anyone else, but you are still suffering on the inside.

Even if you yourself don’t know how much.

The most simple, yet at the same time difficult, solution would be to overcome your condition.
This can be done through a variety of methods, some of which might work better for you than others.

Depression is considered to be a highly treatable disorder.
There are only very few people who could not benefit from either therapy, antidepressants, self-help methods or any combination of the three.

For the vast majority of people, persistent effort is guaranteed to give results.
So why not you?

You can start right now!

In this day and age, everything that you need to know on how to overcome depression is well within your reach.
The only thing that you actually need is an internet connection and a fair bit of persistence, the ability to keep going even as your body and mind tell you to stop.

Don’t listen to them, that’s your depression talking.

I would highly recommend checking out the Destroy Depression Program.
In it you will find clear, actionable steps that will guide you through the process of overcoming your depression.

You should definitely try it out!

For any other questions feel free to contact me either through email or by commenting in the comment section down below.

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