5 Ways To Boost your Energy Naturally

Alright, so as anyone who reviewed the symptoms for anxiety and depression should know – feeling tired and lacking energy to do anything is a symptom anxiety and depression.

In case that you have anxiety, the constant worry and sense of dread makes you tired over time, clouding your mind. In depression’s case, you are simply tired due to reduced activity in certain areas of your brain.
You need a few ways to boost your energy naturally

So, to help you out with that, I wrote down a list of 5 ways to boost your energy naturally throughout your days.

Keep in mind, these aren’t some magical solutions (I don’t believe in those) but rather practical ways for you to get more pumped and ready when dealing with life’s difficult times.

All of that being said, let’s jump right in!

1) Think less, do more

Alright, so what do I actually mean by that?
Humans have a lot of thoughts every day, you think more than you actually think that you think (That’s a mouth-full right there).

To break it down, according to the Laboratory of Neuro Imaging at the University of Southern California your daily brain activity adds up to 70,000 different thoughts a day, that means 2916.67 thoughts an hour and 48.61 thoughts a minute, that actually breaks down to you having a different thought every 1.23 seconds!

You already think a lot, and by having obsessive thoughts due to your anxiety and depression you are only making it worse for you, to calm your brain you need not only to think less about your issues but to just think less.

How can you do that? Well, you could go for meditation, but there are some mild risks involved.
Still, you should give it a try at the very least, there really shouldn’t be any bad immediate results and you might notice improvement very quickly (meditation really does wonders).

Another option you may want to consider is simply living a fuller life.
What do I mean by that? Don’t waste time thinking, as you will just end up overthinking.
Adopt a “done is better than perfect” kind of mindset and get into the habit of actually doing things.
People who have any anxiety disorder contemplate about possibilities and worst-case scenarios when in reality they should just be “doing it”.

Habits control your life, and as long you start doing things, you will start thinking about them less.
So in short – clear your mind and focus it towards specific tasks.
Any tasks will do, as long as they serve to distract you and block out any “thinking” instead of just specific thoughts. Manipulating your brain selectively really is just that much harder.

Plus, overthinking really isn’t good for your mental health at all.

2) Make a list – and stick with it!

Bear with me on this one.
A part of your problems comes from the fact that you don’t believe in yourself when it comes down to solving certain tasks, aside from you being tired all the time.

You got this big scary issue to deal with and you can’t seem to find it in you to get started with it, only thinking about it makes you even more tired. And that’s fine, the thought of work itself is associated inside you mind with tiredness, that’s more than reasonable.

Here’s the thing, though – small tasks don’t do that to you.
Think of it for a moment. People don’t bother with long articles, or long guides, or big projects or anything of the sort, and let me tell you something else – most people who do those large things don’t think of them as being large.

Here’s why:

A few years back I had this huge project that I had to manage myself.
It would normally take months to finish yet I procrastinated and wasted valuable time accomplishing nothing, but the project had to be finished by its due date.
So I just sat down with my objectives and went through them, one by one.
First I built up the framework, then I labeled some data and so on.

I worked for 13 hours straight but in the end of the day (or night, maybe) I was done.
Now, you shouldn’t feel intimidated by that, because my main point is this – Don’t look at the issue as a whole, but break it down as much as you can and go through each part separately, one at a time.

Your brain loves it when things come together (Don’t you like when things come together? I sure as heck do!) and the idea that you can give yourself a “thumbs up” so to say each time you succeed at a minor tasks serves as a huge boost for your motivation.

The thought process you will be having goes something along these lines:

  1. “Alright, so let’s break it down…”
  2. “Huh, this doesn’t look all that bad after all!”
  3. “Alright, I did this, but can I do that? Of course I can!”
  4. “I am tired, but should just have this one little task done before calling it a day”

Yep, you will get to the point where you won’t want to stop because you are making such progress, you’ll feel like you are on a roll, and you will be, too!

Energetic people are happy

3) Exercise!

Some people really don’t get what a good workout can do to you.
I’ll leave most benefits of a good workout session outside this post, as it has to be reviewed at a later date, so, for now, let’s focus on the benefits of exercise when it comes to your energy level, and how it can boost them.

As you might have noticed – I like talking about the way things affect your brain, and this time it’s going to be no different.

Contrary to what some of you may think, exercise doesn’t make you tired.
Well, your body becomes tired, but your mind only grows sharper.

Exercising will release endorphins. These endorphins actually do a lot of things, but in regards to this issue they do well to reduce stress levels and increase your energy levels.

To put it simply, mitochondria are the sources of your energy, making you more energetic.
These energy levels are changing based on both your diet and daily activity.

So instead of sitting on your couch and telling others how you wished you could work out, if you weren’t so darn tired, just get up and do that. Lift a few weights, take a jog, anything!

You will get more energetic, not tired, as a result.

4) Rest the right way

When you are tired your first impulse is to just lay over on your bed and do nothing until you feel better.
But that only ends up making you feel worse.

But you can’t just not-rest, right?
So here’s a solution.

Instead of just taking a break whenever time your breaks
Sounds simple, right?

You see, resting actually makes you more productive and energetic (big shocker there) over time, but most people who suffer from anxiety and depression actually don’t have the right habits when it comes to rest.

So here’s what you should do: Avoiding distractions, apply an 80/20 ratio when it comes to work and rest.
Work (and just work, no Facebook No stupid apps, nothing, pure work) for 80% of the time and rest (just rest, without doing any work at all) for 20%.

That means that out of every hour you should work for 48 minutes and rest for 12, but when I say work I mean really going at it, 100% and nothing less than that.

When it comes to sleep…

Well, there’s a saying: “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise”.
Thing is, there’s a lot of research to back it up.

There are also lots of benefits to waking up early.
A study from 2008 conducted in Texas found that people who woke up early tended to get higher grades on average when compared to those who slept in.
Not only that, they were shown to be more productive and have overall better mental health (more on that in a later article!).
The early bird does get the worm, and successful people know it.

5) Surround yourself with people who want you to get things done.

You may think this is a cliche, but I promise you it is not.
Let me be more specific then.

Some people believe in guardian angels, metaphorically speaking, the type of person to always guard you and help you stand.

I don’t buy into this.
Sure, you can draw your inner strength from other people, but if you can’t stand on your own two feet by yourself then you haven’t made any actual progress at all – you will become dependent on these people over time and won’t know what to do with yourself after they are gone.

So here’s a cute Idea – instead of looking for guardian angels look for what I like to call “kicking angels”.
These are people who are only there to make you do stuff.

And unlike a guardian angel, it doesn’t have to be done from supportive reasons.
Here’s an example: you got a task at work that you don’t know how to start and as such you don’t get it started at all. Then comes your mean boss and rants at you for half an hour to get this stuff done or else, and you are forced to actually get stuff done instead of thinking about it.

And that’s it – a kicking angel is there to give you a solid kick that is meant to push you over the edge and actually get you to act rather than to think.

If you can’t get yourself into the habits that you want to get into, you would do well to have someone there to force you into them, be it a friend or a family member.

life is an adventure

Slow and steady wins the race

And that’s a wrap!
Alright, so if you went through this entire article it means that you enjoyed what you just read, right? Of course, you did!

So tell me, have you ever gone through a phase of extreme fatigue? What was it like? I sure as heck know I did, so make sure to write your answers in the comments below and mark it down as a new beginning for yourself!

If you have any issues with any problem at all, I would love to help you out. My Email is [email protected]

Make sure to drop by!

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10 thoughts on “5 Ways To Boost your Energy Naturally”

  1. A simple yet interesting read.for me personally, I think I would find, Make a list – and stick with it! and Rest the right way, as the useful & practical ways to boost my energy.

    The tips are not difficult to practice and the examples you’ve given can remind me about what I need to do. I’m going to try these and your other points too and will come back later to let you know how they work for me.

    1. Thanks for your comment!
      And yes, my advice is meant to be simple and practical, nothing fancy here yet from my experience most people tend to not think of this sort of stuff by themselves, me included.
      The whole idea is for you to take action on it and notice results quickly.

  2. Exercise will indeed boost your energy, but ever since I became a mom, I always don’t make time for it. But actually, the more we have things to do, the more we should exercise to boost our energy.

    Thanks for the list. I really need to fix my schedule to make time for exercise.

    1. Hello Pitin, thanks for stopping by!

      It’s a sad truth, in a sense.
      You are tired, and don’t have the time to help yourself with it, something which only makes you even more tired.
      Still, In my experience, most people manage their time terribly, so perhaps time management is something you should look into?

      Cheers, Vlad!

  3. I love this page. So much of it resonates with me. Meditation energises the body for the day and really helps with taking action, which in turn stops the procrastination which can be a direct result of too much thinking. I find that most problems are solved by taking action.

    That feeling of having achieved all the stuff on your list is wonderful; the end of day beer tastes better. If you have a partner and/or family I also think it’s a good idea to let them know that your list make take you away for a bit longer than anticipated.

    First thing I do in the morning is walk the dog for at least 30 minutes, giving thanks and visualising my day. You can’t do that with a workout. A good walk is enough. Not being surrounded with what my wife would call Energy Robbers is also a good thing.

    I’m just wondering about so many links within the script. It’s such a great read it seems a shame to perhaps take people away from it.

    Thanks for a fab post

    1. Hello there Ken, how’s it going?

      I am glad you are applying so many useful methods!
      I put a lot of links for further immersion in the topic, it may seem a bit contradictory to you and yet there are many needed things to capitalize on.

      Cheers, Vlad!

  4. This is a great article on how to control your mind and body naturally. Thus reducing stress and overthinking, something I’m always doing. I realized whilst reading this post that I do just that. I think of all the things that can go wrong instead of focussing on those that have gone right.
    It was your No. 1 which really got to me and I will now be taking action to not overthink and relax and try and change my habits. No. 4 is also applicable to me and resting and working in a ratio of 1:4 sounds good to me and makes sense. I already do the lists of No. 2 and exercise of No. 3. As for No. 5 that’s also covered.
    Thanks for making me think about how I get through my day and how I can boost my energy and at the same time be more productive with less thinking. Great post! Ches

  5. Hi Vlad,

    This is absolutely a great article to boost my energy. There will be days when we feel down and out and what you have shared here, I believe they work.

    Sometimes, we contemplate too much – wasting time. We should Just Do It! Do not let negative minded people pull us down. I have gone through this and now am staying away from these negative people.

    I love to read inspiring stories to motivate myself and keep going. Yours is a very good read indeed.

    Keep inspiring!

    1. Hi Sharon, thank’s for stopping by!

      Yeah, procrastination is the enemy in that sense – you do nothing and still don’t feel like doing anything.
      I was actually called out on it myself multiple times, with some of my friends telling me that I’m just lazy haha


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