The Shyness and Social Anxiety System Review

As some of you may recall from my social anxiety disorder overview, I recommended the work of one fellow there. Well, now it’s time to go over The Shyness and Social Anxiety System Review that I made for you guys!
Is it any good? Is it really bad?

The shyness and social anxiety system review!

Sean Cooper


This guy right here is called Sean Cooper, he is the creator of the shyness and social anxiety system, and much like you do now, he used to suffer from shyness which later developed into social anxiety (via trauma).

After becoming sick of it Sean then put every bit of effort to change himself, since life wasn’t all that favorable to him up until that point, and that was the part that actually drew my attention.

You see, Sean doesn’t pretend to be an expert in this sort of stuff, and you will never hear him address himself as an expert either – he is just some guy that overcame social anxiety by studying it through and through, struggling with it day in and day out until he was just as good as any expert in the field.

Fair enough, right?

I came to respect that and decided to give his free reading material a shot, it was free after all!

His free stuff was very high quality, he got both a blog and a YouTube channel in which he was posting stuff regularly.
These days he just focuses on his program, but all of his stuff up until now is still available.
There really wasn’t any resistance for me to go and check out whatever he had to offer, so I did.
And it paid off!


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What do the people say?

Alright, so the guy obviously knows his stuff, but who says so besides me?
A lot of people, actually.
Experts and customers alike highly recommend his services, here are just a few testimonies as an example:


“As a clinical psychologist specializing in social anxiety and self-help systems, I was amazed at how well Sean has distilled many of the principles that can actually make a difference for those of us who battle social anxiety. Sean’s information is straight to the point and focused on some of the most critical skills for managing shyness and anxiety. ” -Dr. Todd Snyder, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Chicago


“I had paralyzing social anxiety that prevented me from nearly all (public, at least) social contact.
I was skeptical at first simply because it seemed too good to be true. I needed the problem to improve so I took the risk as soon as I was able.
I’m not paralyzed in fear to enter social situations anymore. I know that I appear much more calm than I did – my doctor mentioned how huge of a difference there was between the session before I started the program and the next session (when I was pretty far in the program). I’m extremely grateful for how much you helped me.
Just thank you again for all the help you provided with this program. I’m sure many, many people will have their lives improved from this program. Getting help with social anxiety from someone who lived through it themselves made a HUGE difference.”  – Brent, Wadena, Minnesota


“I am a college student studying engineering. It requires a lot of teamwork and working with other people. I noticed that people began to stay away from me. I didn’t really talk to anyone and I knew I was abnormally quiet.
There was a night that I looked around at the other students working. Everyone was paired up and in groups, figuring the homework out. I waited for someone to come up to me. No one did. My heart felt so heavy. I went to my car and cried. I’ve felt loneliness before, but it’s never hurt like it did that time.
On several times I would be in the cafeteria and see other engineering students sitting in there. I hid from them. I was afraid that if I sat with them, I wouldn’t have anything to say.
Your system was the first one that I could completely relate to. I bought it as soon as I heard about it. When you spoke of your past experience with social anxiety, it might as well have been me speaking. It rang true and I couldn’t ignore that.
I think the system is great. It’s a fast read, the ideas and techniques are actually helpful, and I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with social anxiety.
The technique that I use the most from your system now is “Conversation Threading.” I just didn’t realize that I really did have plenty to say. For example, when I was working on a lab with an assigned partner. We slowly, but surely became friends after that.” Lauren, Edmond, Oklahoma

He actually has a whole page of success stories of real, actual people – that’s got to mean something, right?


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My experience

Right, So I went right ahead and decided to consider purchasing his stuff for real, his program was a one-payment type of thing and costs 47$.
Here’s what it offers:

  • his own audio program (valued at 97$),
  • 4 free reports – How To Always Know What To Say Next (valued at 25$), Social Circle From Scratch(valued at 30$), 7 Conversation Secrets (valued at 35$), 10 Keys To Stop Anxiety (valued at 35$).
  • 14 days of his Weekly Training Program for free! (37$/month)

When it came down to it it seemed fair, the full value of this program was at 240.5$, and it had enough content and applications to last for months.
So I bought it.

And you know what? It was really darn good!
all of his reports were high-value and high level, his audio program was an excellent guide for me and Overall I ended up very pleased with my purchase.

The audio program is made of a bunch of videos, each one tackling a different problem and offering one or two major things you can do to correct it, it is very systematic in nature and is built in a way that will get you some results if you take action upon his advice right away.

The free reports were really good too, and they did exactly what they promised in their titles – after reading and applying them I could find what to say whenever enter and control a conversation and that much more!

The only real downside is that Sean tends to get repetitive, he says great things but often times he says them too much.

And while his stuff was great, I did not further register for his monthly subscription program – I got what I needed from his regular product, but the program itself was top notch, with Sean being a constant all the way through.

The book was this big “one step” I needed to take to solve my social anxiety, and while I can’t say I have become a master of charisma, some very noticeable improvements have been made thanks to Sean’s stuff.

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“But what If I didn’t like his stuff?”

Like I said before, not every product is for everyone, and that’s fine. I know it, you know it, and Sean happens to know it too – which is why he offers a full refund, no questions asked, should you dislike his program.

Here’s the deal: If you liked his program and it actually helped you, it’s going to be worth its price many times over. Heck, you might even register for his monthly subscription service and get even more value for your money.

If you didn’t like his program that’s fine too, just email him and get a full refund, no questions asked, within 2-3 days.
You can get the refund within 60 days of you purchase, so there’s no need for you to rush either – just email him anytime during these 60 days and get your money back.

That’s a much better deal than any therapist could give you, isn’t it?

Final Verdict


  • Very cost-effective
  • Full refund within 60 days, no questions asked.Shyness and social anxiety system
  • Sean went through it all, and it shows
  • The system itself is a step-by-step guide
  • Added bonuses are great
  • Much cheaper than therapy
  • If you follow all of the steps listed here for long enough you will get some results
  • 14 free days of Sean’s membership will give you a great push and an initiative to join his membership program


  • The program is very general, built for both shyness and social anxiety, and as such, it isn’t meant to help very severe cases (people who lock themselves at home all the time, for example)
  • While good on its own, the program does get repetitive at times
  • It is much harder to contact Sean after your 14-day trial ends.
  • It’s a self-help guide without anyone sitting with you one on one – you need to make the effort by yourself or get no value out of it.

Final score

8.5/10 – Great value!

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Sean’s stuff is great, the man is an expert, and anyone can see it from the way his program is crafted, as far as I know, there is not a single program on the internet regarding social anxiety that offers you more than Sean’s Shyness and Social Anxiety System.

If you suffer from either, do yourself a favor and buy it. It worse thing that could happen if you do is you get a refund, no questions asked.

If you don’t…

Well, good luck with your social anxiety, you’re gonna need it.

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