Panic Away Review: Is it a Scam?

As you know, I’m not someone to sell out on anything.

I only write about stuff that works, the type of stuff that’s backed up by science, but when it really comes down to it we all need teachers.

For some of you one of those teachers is me (As much as I could be humbly considered a teacher), but to reach that level, where I could serve as an instructor to anyone, I had to learn by myself, through my own teachers and instructors.

I read many books and talked to just as many people to find a solution that would work best for me.

One of the people who taught me was a guy named Barry McDonagh, supposedly an expert on anxiety.

When I found him I actually was a skeptic, to say the least.
I already read many books and my state just wasn’t getting any better, I seriously doubted that he had anything worthwhile to tell me.
I decided to check out his website and book and a whim, feeling as though I was out of options at that point.

As it turned out, I liked what he had to say.
Barry actually used proper psychology rather than the classic “think good – get good” approach that I hated so much.
His views regarding mental health aligned with my own, so that got me curious.

So I decided to check out his course “Panic Away”, keeping in mind his 60-day refund policy.
As it turned out, I never really had to request a refund, his approach was very helpful to me so I just kept going at it.

I don’t say this lightly either, the stuff that he gave out in that program is unique, different, and powerful. It was just what I needed.

So what is it that makes his program exceptional, really?

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Panic Away Review

1) The guy is an expert

Barry Mcdonagh isn’t just some fancy researcher that wants you to do “manage” your problems, he actually comes off the assumption that you already tried that nonsense, and he is ready to give you an alternative.

Barry’s Book proved itself to be so powerful and helpful that over 90% of all reviewers are 5 stars, meaning that this is actually a five-star product.

Just think for a moment, if his 9$ book was a 5-star product (well worth the money), then what does it actually mean about the level of his course? His expanded, thorough, course.

His views are very similar to my own – create powerful habits and change the way you think and feel through them.
Aside from that, he has shown me many ways to combat anxiety and stop panic attacks on the go, regardless and location and timing.

2) His material is easily accessible

A long time ago, this program was basically a glorified Ebook, filled with material that, although, helpful, tended to amount to certain pieces of advice.

The advice that he gave was remarkably solid even then, but it seemed to drag on and on, to make itself more than it actually was.

This is no longer the case.

These days, not only did the program grow into a more extensive Ebook, but you also receive audio files as well as a fair bit of video content.

This makes the program much easier to consume. You can listen to the audio files on the go and even watch the videos on your phone.

There are many of us who don’t like reading all that much, and in that sense this program has us covered.

3) The program is very thorough and it keeps updating

One big selling point that this program has is the fact that it is remarkably thorough.
The program contains many practical examples, including a narrated version of an actual panic attack.
This is only one of many examples, the program certainly does a good job getting all of its points across

The program is very systematic in nature, and through a methodical approach, it can help you manage your anxiety and panic. The methods that were shown in it were so down to earth that I couldn’t help but think “How didn’t I come up with that?!”

Barry’s ability to really break down even the hardest concepts into simplistic, practical steps is one of a kind.
Based on the way that he explains it, anxiety seems suddenly that much more manageable. This approach is actually particularly effective when faced with something as overwhelming as anxiety and panic.

After all, when you are experiencing a panic attack, for example, you won’t be able to recall a complex method, but a few simple steps are much more reasonable to remember.

Another plus to the program is that it is constantly updating, with you getting a lifetime access to any and all updates, which is a huge plus.

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Panic away helps with anxiety

This isn’t a perfect solution!

I don’t believe in perfect solutions, and neither should you.
Barry knows this as well and he Offers a 60-day refund policy, no questions asked, because of that.
Truth be told, I myself didn’t just “cure” my anxiety through his program, it simply wasn’t enough for me, and that’s fine.

It didn’t cure me, but it gave me a chance at curing myself!

Barry’s method is not perfect if it was it would imply that his program is a magical, wonderful solution.
Just sprinkle a bit of fairy dust and get it over with.
Well, it isn’t.

The program introduces you to a few key concepts and puts you on the right track, guiding you, but however much progress you will make depends on you and you alone.

Should you persist and follow all of the methods that he detailed then you are bound to get at least some benefit that will make it worth your money.

I mean, if this program could help you reduce your anxiety by even just 25% then it would already serve its purpose.

For the sake not giving away too much I will only state some of his main ideas.

The C.A.L.M method

C – Community support
A – Acceptance
L – Lifestyle changes
M – Meaning

Unlike most people, Barry tells you to deal with your own brain by yourself methodically  – Find people who support you, learn to accept yourself (instead of making changes, like a lot of people, would have you believe), adopt positive habits and find meaning in everything in life (rationalize even bad things).

This system stands in line with everything that I am trying to get across with my website, this way is considered to be unorthodox yet it is far more effective than most people are led to believe.

The 21-7 technique

The basis of Barry’s method alongside C.A.L.M, it is easy to use and can be implemented at any given moment.

The first part is the 21 seconds that should take you to stop a panic attack, the second part is a 7-minute exercise (physical or mental) that is meant to reduce all other feelings of anxiety.

This method helps you beat anxiety and panic and return to top shape in the shortest amount of time possible.

Listing exercises for your mind and body

In “Panic Away”, Barry lists many different exercises for both your mind (mental) and body (physical).
Those are systematically crafted specifically for the purpose of dealing with anxiety and panic attacks.

They are arranged in such a way that even those of us who have physical limitations would be able to draw benefit from them.

Money shouldn’t be an issue

The program costs 67$, which is no small amount by any means.
Yet it is still cheaper than any other alternative on the market that is on the same scale in terms of content.
I myself never considered it much of a spending, not because I’m flowing with cash, but rather because it was an investment – I pay now and get rid of my anxiety later.

One of the things that I promote on my website is the idea of putting everything you have into solving your problems.
Take this program, try it out for six weeks, and put anything that you got into it.
If it isnt helping you at all then simply request a refund, no harm done.

There’s also the fact that therapy costs twice as much for a single session. It was quite encouraging to give this program a go with those kinds of odds.

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  • Breaks down the psychology behind your anxiety in a way that is easy to understand
  • Offers a variety of tactics and long-term strategies to deal with your anxiety disorder(s)
  • 60-day refund policy, no questions asked
  • It’s cheaper than therapy and offers far more substance.
  • It has multiple formats, including audio and video, and is remarkably thorough
  • It keeps updating
  • Customer support is quite quick to answer


  • You don’t get to work with an instructor in person
  • It isn’t as effective for severe cases of anxiety, although you will get some benefit from it all the same
  • It takes some work on your part, and requires genuine effort in order to be of any help

I easily recommend it

This program is the basis for my website in more than one way, it didn’t only give me many practical tools that serve me to this day but it also offered me motivation, it helped me realize that my problem wasn’t only simple to solve (yet never easy) but that it wasn’t all that uncommon in the first place!

Many people go through anxiety in their lives, yet at the time I thought I was special in that sense, and that no one could understand me.

Barry proved me wrong, these are some of the best 67 dollars you will ever spend, and in case I am wrong, getting your money back is only one Email away.

final score

9/10 – A must buy, must try!

Check it out!

Panic away program


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