The Law of Attraction is Bullshit, Here’s Why

The law of attraction is bullshit.
Pardon my language, but this is something that’s needed to be said.

In truth, I dislike this type of motivational articles, I hate websites that post them just as much.
I pride myself on giving practical, actionable advice without fail.

With that in mind, I can say it to you openly and honestly – the law of attraction is a lie.

For those of you who don’t know what the law of attraction is, allow me to elaborate a bit more.

The “law of attraction” states that positive thoughts will lead to positive experiences. Pretty simple, right?
There’s plenty of truth in that, too.
A placebo, for example, is a fake medicine given to people in order to cure them.

Don’t follow?
Allow me to rephrase that.

People are given this placebo, believing that it will make them feel better, and it does make them feel better.
This is a fake medicine, so why does it help?
Because people believe it does, this phenomenon is called “The Placebo Effect

Your subconscious mind is a powerful thing, and once it starts working together with your conscious mind it can lead to great results.

These placebos apply to all areas of life, be it social interactions or even video games.
As long as you believe in yourself you will have a much better chance at everything that you do.

Seems fair right? I mean, there’s plenty of scientific research to back this up. There are many positive experiences and honestly, the idea seems so basic that it should just be called “Newton’s law of psychology”.

You are right, too! There isn’t anything wrong with the general idea itself, that one line actually covers pretty much every cliche psychology blog post about happiness you will ever find.

The “think good, feel good” mantra became the source of multiple books. Like, more than more than one. Some of the writers had a Ph.D. in psychology and human studies, so it can’t be wrong!
And they aren’t, but there is more to it than that.

Remember, no single solution is ever going to be perfect, there’s always going to be “something” there that ruins it. As is, the law of attraction is very easy to fall into because of its basic nature.
But at times it can be a nasty thing that should be avoided, here’s why.

Attracting what you want

1) You can’t do everything you put your mind to

The law of attraction says that you will have positive experiences due to positive thoughts.
Right, so let’s say I am a poor, broken African kid who wants to be a Nobel prize winner in physics of all things.
Do you think that I will be able to achieve that goal if I put all of my dedication and good faith into it, or will I fail?
Do you see where I’m going with this?

When people claim the impossible and all they do about it is “think positively” they tend to not achieve any meaningful results.
I wonder why…

Truth is, you aren’t some incredible, all-capable creature. You are the average Joe, maybe a bit better, maybe a tad worse.

The average Joe is an extremely capable human, mind you, yet he isn’t a superhero of endless possibilities. You can only accomplish so much, and there’s always going to be someone better than you.
Some people are simply more talented, more capable and more focused than others, that’s a fact of life. No amount of positive thinking is going to change that.

Do you believe that Usain Bolt woke up one day, all smiley and happy, and decided to run until he can run no more to be the best because he knew he could?

He has an intense diet and an intense schedule, not to mention his biological advantages that he honed through years of intense training.

What about Bill Gates? Do you think he just decided to think that he can make an awesome start-up project? Of course not! Bill Gates is a genius who put many hours of study and practice into Microsoft.

Claiming that success is all in a person’s head is an insult to all the effort successful people put into their craft.

2) Positive thoughts aren’t that easy

This one actually mainly deals with people who suffer from anxiety and depression, yet can apply equally to anyone else.

Right, so think good and good things will happen, yeah? A basic cycle, yet another problem emerges – what if you can’t think positively at the moment?

Truth is, bad things happen. Your partner breaks up with you, you break your leg running with terrible shoes, you are feeling inferior or maybe even ugly.

Life isn’t something made of gumdrops and ice cream, it’s a complex thing that pushes back against you.
Here’s the thing, positive thoughts are the end result, the final destination, not the solution.

We all want to be positive and view the world with the same exuberance and wonder as a child, yet we can’t bring ourselves to that level of positivity.

we simply are not that happy, life puts too much of a burden on us.

Believing that you can just be positive is a naive thought at the very least, and harmful at most.

To be positive you need to take actions that will make you positive, build up a life that you are proud to live through.
don’t just sit around and try to force on yourself a fake mindset.
“Fake it until you make it” isn’t going to be much help here either.

3) Positive thoughts tend to replace actions

Derek Sivers once spoke in a TED presentation about how you should keep your goals to yourself, because telling these goals to other people is misinterpreted by your brain as taking action, so even they don’t follow up on what they say they will still feel content with just saying it.

Same thing goes with the law of attraction.

You think positive thoughts, about great things in life and so on, and you are happy with these thoughts.
You don’t actually bother to do more to make your life better. That’s the issue right here, you can’t just sit on a chair, smile towards the ceiling and be happy with that. Well, you can if you are smoking weed, but that’s not all that typical.

Too many thoughts will actually make you think that you have done enough. You won’t be able to take that one needed step to make your life better.

That principle is called “social reality”, and it’s one of the main reasons that most people don’t take action upon their thoughts.

Your reality isn’t great, you are just faking it.

As long as you don’t make some actual changes you aren’t going to get anywhere.

Wanting it is not enough

Final thoughts

The definition itself is actually pretty inspiring, but when push comes to shove people tend to make all kinds of odd assumptions.

They call it “the secret”, something which already should be raising a few red flags in any sensible person.
People think that this principle is a magical solution, that it replaces the need to act.
They start talking about energies and how willing something to the universe will make it hand it over to you and so on.

At first, I thought that this was just an insult to my intelligence, yet it seems that people are actually buying that load of garbage!

Really, life doesn’t just give you things because you want them badly enough. If it did, I would never have been depressed in the first place!

Look, I don’t mean to rain on your parade or anything like that, but just wanting stuff to be good isn’t going to make stuff good.

You need to act, you need to make changes that will legitimately make you happy. You can’t just lie your way through life, at best it will simply make you obsessive, at worst it could lead you into full-blown delusions.

Strive to positive thoughts and actions, don’t force them upon yourself.
Living a full life is the only way to be happy and positive, and that’s the truth.

Alright, so while you go on and live your life the way you want to, here’s a quick question for you to consider.
“What do you think about the law of attraction? Did it ever help you in the past?”

More than one question, I know, but I have faith in your ability to answer it.
Speaking of which, make sure to drop your answer in the comment section below, I go through every single one of them.

If there’s anything you would like to ask me personally (or at least, as personally as you can through the internet) make sure to send me am email. I go through all of my emails and I will make sure to answer you as fast as I can and to the best of my ability.

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10 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction is Bullshit, Here’s Why”

  1. I really, really love your post.

    But you have it all wrong. You haven’t researched the Law of Attraction extensively, or maybe not at all.

    The Law has absolutely nothing to do with “getting what you want”. It has to do with your thinking habits and feelings. You see what you want to see in your reality.

    If you are constantly thinking negatively, will you be able to have a happy life? Could you make a delicious cake using dirt and worms?

    Are you mindful and aware enough to look for the Law in you and in other people? Because personally I see it manifesting literally everywhere. In me and in others, in movies and in books, in wise words and in foolish words.

    This Law is not for you and me to “believe”. It exists either you believe it or not. But if you believe in it you can turn your whole life around. Like I did several times. Effort is needed too. But positive thinking and believing that you are successful already makes it seem like a piece of cake.

    Gaining control of the Law is extremely hard nowadays with all the conditioning that we are going through. And your article is a result of this conditioning, which is not bad and I am not attacking you or anyone else, but you have to know that you have to options; you can obey to the Law, or you can make the Law obey to you.

    Obeying to the Law will always render you a victim of circumstances and a puppet of your own brain.

    Making the Law obey to you, will make you the creator of your own reality and situations will unfold based on your liking.

    This is the Law taking, not me. You attracted this into your life.

    Make use of it, or discard it.

    This is your call.

    Harry !

    1. Hello Harry, Thank you for the extensive comment.

      As for your statement, you are only half right.
      Positive thoughts generate positive emotions, and that is no lie. The big idea is that none of us have control over what we think, and as such simply “wanting to think positive thoughts” is nor really much of an option.
      If your actions lead to a meaningful life then your thoughts will follow shortly after. This does not work the other way around, and that’s all there is to it as far as I am concerned.

      I think you agree with me in the sense that the law of attraction isn’t a mindset, but rather something you need to work and strive for a change.
      The difference is that the positive mindset will result in you feeling better and turning your life around, but this mindset doesn’t just come out of thin air.
      Bad things happen, negative thoughts happen, they are a part of us. Dealing with them is only part of the equation.

      To summarize, positive thoughts are the results of actions, while positive emotions are the result of positive thoughts.
      The law of attraction as-is holds a lot of truth in it, yet all of this “new age philosophy” thing ruined it completely.

      Cheers, Vlad!

  2. You absolutely can have control over what you think. And I am talking based on personal experience not just from readings.

    I was extremely social anxious and experienced panic attacks once in a while. And three years after deciding to change this, I am completely cured. I struggled and sat hours and hours meditating, researching and just hoping but I did it. Without the use of a single drop of medication.

    I was never a believer of spirituality, meditation, god, soul etc. I only had a hope. I hoped that it worked. And it did, so much better than I was expecting to.

    As a person who has lived his life on both sides, I can tell you that your ego will never, ever let you find the truth. Because it likes being comfortable. If you surpass it you have taken a huge step.

    If you dig deeper you will find the truth. ” The teacher comes, when the student is ready”. This quote originated in a book, which holds great teachings that might be dated even before Egypt. The Law of Attraction is described in there as well.

    “Your beliefs become your thoughts,
    Your thoughts become your words,
    Your words become your actions,
    Your actions become your habits,
    Your habits become your values,
    Your values become your destiny.”
    ~ Gandhi ~

    1. Hello Harry.

      I think you misunderstand what I was talking about in my article.

      The idea that positive thoughts will lead to positive experiences is a fair one, yet far from being absolute.
      Positive thoughts aren’t enough to lead to “positive experiences” by themselves. If someone looks at a bird and thinks that it looks wonderful, over time the bird will indeed look wonderful to them. Assuming they can force themselves into believing that.

      But what if I am a failing math student, who only thinks about how he is going to get an awesome grade, and how happy it’s going to make him? There’s always a chance to score an A+, yeah?
      But I probably won’t.

      Thinking positively about something isn’t enough. It may serve as an added value (the Placebo Effect) but we live in a world of action and reaction.
      As such, from a philosophical standpoint, the law of attraction is unacceptable.

      Even in your experience, you took action (that is backed up by science, mind you) and through that action you got results.
      you hoping (as in, “thinking positively”) only served as a bonus.

      Actions lead to positive emotions, which lead to positive thoughts. Humans are emotional creatures, we feel before we think and only use thoughts as a basis for our feelings.
      If we didn’t, breaking an addiction would have been an easy thing to do. Also, most professional marketing and persuasion books would have to be re-written.

      The law of attraction suggests that we think positively (no mention of feeling) and as a result we begin going through positive experiences, simply because of our thoughts.

      Such an idea is simply incorrect from a researched standpoint. The experience you describe still falls under my module for “positive thinking”, so does the experience I suggested about the math test.
      Besides, thinking implies control, something which you don’t have if you are depressed and/or suffering from anxiety.

      I don’t believe in the law of attraction, I believe in taking actual action that will make me feel happy.

      Yet if you read my added article about the placebo effect you will understand that it doesn’t matter. If you believe in the law of attraction and start doing something with your life you are bound to get results, all of that nitty-gritty philosophy aside.

      Cheers, Vlad.

  3. Okay first of all I am talking about taking control of the Law. This is a very long process, we are taking about the complete alteration of a conditioned mindset here. It won’t work for your favor just for once. It might, but not consciously. You can’t consciously manifest a house. You can’t say ” I want a house ” and boom, one week later you have it.

    What you can do is to consciously alter your subconscious into thinking that you already have this house. This takes time, effort and blind faith.
    Scientific researches have shown that a large percentage, if not all of the decisions that we consciously make have already been decided subconsciously.

    So by conditioning your subconscious mind into thinking that you already have this house and putting your trust into it, your subconscious will work its way to this house. You might not be aware of it until it happens. We are not taking about positive thinking only. But positive thinking plays a very important role into manifesting.

    Moreover, every ancient philosophy embraces the Law of Attraction and the most well known and successful people are taking about it. Buddha, Gandhi, Aristotle, Bill Gates ( you mentioned him in your article as well ), Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Einstein, Tesla and the list goes on forever.

    ” Everything is Energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” ~ Albert Einstein ~

    You -> “I don’t believe in the law of attraction, I believe in taking actual action that will make me feel happy.”

    When you are thinking about what action you have take in order to be happy, you are trying to manifest your happiness. While being in the process of taking action in order to be happy you believe that happiness could be achieved. When you have taken action and you are happy you have manifested it. You are already practicing the Law but you aren’t aware of it. Every moment. And it all starts with the ” belief ” that you can achieve it. The belief that you can achieve something means that you have already succeeded in your mind and what is left is to see it before your own eyes.

    It all starts with a belief. Even if this belief is going to the movies, or going to the moon. It is the same thing.

    You-> “Truth is, you aren’t some incredible, all-capable creature. You are the average Joe, maybe a bit better, maybe a tad worse.
    The average Joe is an extremely capable human, mind you, yet he isn’t a superhero of endless possibilities.”

    That is the mindset that everyone who can’t manifest what he wants has. If every human being from the beginning of time had this mindset, we would be still living in caves. Truth is that everyone is capable of anything. We just have to find the way. If someone can do something, you can do it better, just as someone could perform something better than you.

    You have to research more, you will never move ahead in life and achieve great things with a narrow mind. And I am saying this to you as a person who was much, much more narrow-minded than you. You can’t have a complete opinion on something by reading one book and watching one film about it. You have to dig deep. Very deep.

    Believing in the Law can only benefit you.
    Your mindset and ego will only hold you back.

    I am not attacking you and I absolutely don’t want to offend you, but there are people who are trying to get a grasp of the Law and make their lives better, and your article will greatly mislead them and prevent them from evolving.

    Sharing opinions is great and I truly love this chat with you. My comments are only useful for people who are being skeptical about your article and want this to work.. Thus, I am saying to these people once more; keep researching.


    1. Hello Harry

      You are only telling me things that I already know.
      I wrote an article about habits that change it right here

      But the saying itself, “positive thoughts lead to positive experiences”, is fundamentally wrong in my opinion.
      Successful people and action takers do not practice the law of attraction as much as they practice the law of effection*. The law of attraction only deals with thought, not with the philosophy around that thought.
      Here’s a quick quote from “The Millionaire Fastlane”

      “… In fact, the law of atrraction is nothing but old principles of belief and visualization repackaged and remarketed for mass consumption.”

      Fact is, simply *taking action* is neither positive nor negative, it’s egotistical and selfish – a desperate desire to get better.
      Not in a bad way, mind you. You are hurt, and you want to stop being hurt. You you you. If you had a broken arm, going to the hospital to have it fixed wouldn’t be either a positive or negative action to take.

      Sure, through the placebo effect you could increase your pain threshold, but that’s neither here nor there.
      Being egotistical is “neutral”, it’s isn’t good or bad.
      If you were sick, and somebody came to you and said “have you ever thought, you know, to not be sick, man?” I imagine you would get pretty pissed off, yeah?

      Negative thoughts are the symptoms, actions are the treatment and positive thoughts are the “healthy” result. My site promotes action, we are in the same belief in terms of treatment, simply not in terms of mindset behind that treatment.
      I have great faith in meditation, in building good habits and in taking on life systematically. I believe that you do to

      I’ll be honest with you Harry, I think that what you are trying to tell me is your honest informed opinion, and I can respect that.
      But you should know that I have researched the subject in depth (or as much depth as a single sentence could have) and thought about it both deeply and widely.
      I am not narrow-minded at all, I am however very judgemental. I thought about the law of attraction deeply and found it to be inaccurate, rather than incorrect. Some of my principles come from it, but I am not bound by it.
      Kind of like building on a scientific theory.

      I respect your opinion, but thus far I will have to disagree. The law of attraction will be helpful to those who believe in it, for sure, yet it’s simply not ideal by itself.
      I believe our conversation is getting redundant, though I have enjoyed it thoroughly.

      Cheers, Vlad.

      * “The law of Effection” is a term coined by the multi-millionaire entrepreneur MJ DeMarco.
      According to him, is sole motivation in his years of failure was knowing that as long as he kept going the mathematical likelihood of him succeeding would be higher. if you toss a dice five times you have more chances to lend a “six” when compared to a single toss, yeah?
      This is a fact, and the sole motivation that lead him to his success (according to him).
      This is an egotistical driving force, and as such it’s neutral in its nature. Many people practice it unknowingly

  4. Thus we agree that we disagree 😛

    You can’t think about the law of attraction. You can’t reason yourself into it. You have to practice it. You have to feel it and be it. What you are saying is like, me researching and watching kick-boxing videos, and rejecting kick-boxing’s validity without even practicing it. This is narrow-mindedness.

    I have never heard about the law of effection but I will learn more about it for sure and thank you for mentioning it. It sounds interesting.

    Anyway, as I said before my comments are addressed towards people who have their doubts and want to keep looking and researching until they find the truth..
    Whoever has already given up on the law will not benefit by them, or by it at all.

    Harry !

    1. Hello Harry, I thank you for understanding.

      I simply disagree with the philosophical viewpoint behind the law of attraction, it does not encourage methods that I believe in.
      I believe that positive experiences lead to positive thoughts, not the other way around.

      Still. if a reader were to look at your comments and draw some wisdom from them, I would be nothing but happy for them.

      Have a wonderful day Harry!


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