How to Stop Nervous Sweating in 3 Easy Steps!

Hyperhidrosis is the state where an individual would sweat excessively in either specific areas of their body (hands, legs, armpits, face etc) or in general (anywhere and everywhere).

…And this post has nothing to do with that!

Here we will discuss purely anxiety-based sweating!
Does this apply to you in any way? If so, you are certainly not alone, seeing as this symptom is quite common.

Whenever you are feeling anxious your body falls into the “fight, flight or freeze” response, a system that amounts to survival mode.

Your heart rate increases and your body goes into overdrive, you then begin sweating to cool off your body temperature.

Nervous sweating is normally associated with social anxiety, yet it can also be caused by other anxiety-related disorders and even just stress in general.

Keep in mind that if you don’t suffer from anxiety and still experience excessive sweating then you might want to go and see a doctor – your body temperature is highly irregular, and that can actually be dangerous.

Though if you came to the conclusion that your sweating is purely anxiety-based then good for you, that’s step number one right there!

Step number two isn’t using better deodorants or switching shirts in case you wondered.
Nah, this is actually you trying to treat the symptoms and not the problem.

So what’s the problem? In relation to phobias, it’s all about your fear.
As long as you will continue to be fearful then your nervous sweating will keep coming, nothing more to it than that.

Social anxiety is where it’s really at, since nervous sweating in social situations is far more complicated than sweating due to a phobia, although it isn’t necessarily more difficult to resolve.

Keep in mind, sweating is an excellent, and natural, reaction to have based on the circumstances.
Without sweating you will overheat, your skin will dry, and you will get a bunch of rashes.

So instead of letting you go through the process of suffering through this until you had enough, I wrote down a list on how to stop nervous sweating in 3 easy steps.
Don’t worry, you’ll thank me later.

Wiping sweat

1) Prepare your body.

Aside from mentally preparing yourself to whatever ordeal you are about to go through, there are also many physical aspects of sweating to consider.
Sure, nervous sweating is mostly in your head, but there are ways for you to minimize it through physical means all the same.

Wear clothing that helps your skin breath, for one thing.
On the subject of breathing, you should attempt and control your breathing.
This can easily be done simply by taking deep and slow breaths.
Taking a deep breath, holding it in, and then slowly exhaling it is, in my experience, the best way to go about it.

You could also take a jog beforehand.
Running actually increases your body temperature, something which is highly useful in relation to depression, yet can also help you here.

From a logical standpoint, after going on a run your body temperature increases, and nervous sweating is caused by increased body temperature, which in turn is caused by your anxiety.

Keeping these two facts in mind, what do you think makes you sweat more? Running and nerves?

When you run your body temperature becomes so high that nerves won’t increase it any longer, essentially eliminating nervous sweating for the time being.
You might still be sweaty, but not uncomfortably so.

So yeah, wear the right clothing, regulate your breathing and consider jogging, these three practices can make all the difference in the world.

Yet you can’t always be ready, right? What if it’s freezing outside? You can’t wear something light on you!
Not to mention that breathing exercises will make you look weird, and don’t get me even started on running

These are all very viable methods, but they are far from being usable at all times.

It’s a good thing that nervous sweating starts with the mind and not the body.

2) Decrease your levels of stress

Unlike your body, your mind goes wherever you go.
Changing your way of thinking for good is easier said than done, but it is far from impossible.

Practice open body language and minor social interactions with strangers, preferably the type that is paid to be nice to you (cashiers, for example).

Keep your palms open, smile and nod. These are the sort of things that no one is going to find odd.
You may end up being bland, but that’s better than the alternative, right?

There actually are many methods to use when it comes to overcoming the anxious mindset, all which have a lot to do with your mentality.
If social anxiety isn’t your problem then your problem might have a different solution.

We experience anxiety thanks to the constant production of stress hormones.
As such, learning how to decrease the production of these hormones we can make nervous sweating much less of a problem.

Spending time in nature, taking cold showers and practicing meditation are a few viable examples.
Another great method would be to learn how to recognize your anxiety for what it is.
That is to say, excessive and irrational thoughts.

That way you will be able to get at least some measure of control over your reactions.

When push comes to shove, you are your own greatest enemy, but at the same time, you can be your own greatest savior.
Speaking of which…

3) Eliminate your shame and fear

And here’s the real kicker right there.
All of your feelings are based purely on your perception, meaning that they aren’t shaping your reality – you are.
Yes, you are the one that shapes your reality, and your feelings are the result of your thoughts, not the other way around.

The good news is that, although our thoughts shape our emotions and vice versa, our actions also shape our thoughts.
In other words, you can change the way that you think simply by having the beneficial habits.

As I’ve said before, nervous sweating is something that many of us attempt to hide.
In the case of social anxiety, for example, nervous sweating is a particularly difficult problem due to how people view it.
People with social anxiety are afraid that others will notice their problem, and as such do their best to hide it.

Big mistake
The biggest, actually.

The problem here is twofold:

  1. You are only justifying your fear by hiding your problems.
  2. People can easily tell when a nervous person hides something, and as such, they are more likely to comment on it.

Instead of hiding your issues, hoping for the best, you should be open about them.

Decreasing your levels of stress, controlling your breathing and meditating are all great, viable methods of helping you with your sweating.
Using them, you can manage your anxiety to the point where you can accept your sweating problems and recognize them as an inconvenience rather than something to be fearful of.

Learning to tolerate shame and fear through exposure is arguably the best way to go about this problem.
In the case of social anxiety, you should go through constant social interactions.
In the case of anxiety, you should learn how to tolerate your stressors.

There is always something that can be done to get better.


I’m not telling you to actively force yourself into stressful situations but don’t run away from them either.
Do that and eventually you will learn to let go of your shame.

Relaxations beat nervous sweating

The conclusion

Nervous sweating is all about you.
Your body, your mind, and your feelings.

By changing these 3 things you will notice a methodical change.
Being ready will make you confident, being in control of your shame will help you truly shine.

Take action on these steps, rinse and repeat, and you are going to get results.
All of that being said, though, you might want to go to a doctor and have him check out your thyroid just in case.

You might be sweating because of thyroid problems, diabetes or some infection, and only because of that medical issue, you developed anxiety.

Anxiety might only be a symptom of something else entirely in this situation
Other than that, nervous sweating is an inconvenience, and it’s important that you don’t think of it as something more than that.

After all, our thoughts shape our emotions.

As I’ve said, nervous sweating is mostly stems from social anxiety, although not exclusively.
I would highly recommend check out the “Shyness and Social Anxiety System” by Sean Cooper, it is a great guide on all things related to social anxiety.

Before you do that, here’s a quick question to think about – How much does this problem bother you?

Although it is important to learn to tolerate nervous sweating, the first step is to estimate our levels of tolerance to the problem.

Be sure to drop an answer in the comment section below, I read every single one of them.
If you got any personal questions you would like me to answer then just send me an email, I always enjoy reading those.

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2 thoughts on “How to Stop Nervous Sweating in 3 Easy Steps!”

  1. A very worthy subject Vlad and one that needs to be addressed. If people are suffering with this nervous sweating, it does mean that their body is in overdrive for a lot of the time and this stressful state is bad for your health.
    Great advice on how to control your feelings and your state of mind which brings on stress symptoms.
    I know if I even think about something unpleasant or something I’m worrying about, the fight-flight response will kick in.
    Stress seems to be a problem of our modern day living and we can do with all the advice we can get. Great stuff. Ches

    1. Hello there, thanks for taking the time to drop by!

      I totally know what you mean!
      When people go through these types of situations they tend to overthink it, even though their thoughts only make their situation worse.
      Such is the fate of humanity, we are the smartest of all animals on this planet. A lot of good our brain does us in that regard, you won’t see a Panda worrying over being made fun of.

      I appreciate your input and hope to hear more from you!

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