3 Tips on How To Stop Feeling Inferior

Inferiority complexes are a tough cookie to crack.

You see, when you believe that you are below someone for one reason or another you tend to develop an unhealthy habit of pushing yourself and your needs down for the sake of that person.

You lose your humanity on which you build upon, you end up thinking that you are worth nothing, you fill your own head with unneeded doubt.

It forces you to act, and by itself that fact isn’t all that bad.
The problem is that you act based on your fear, the fact that you are terrified, instead of becoming more confident from your drive to act you are filled with doubt through sheer desperation.

I might be going all philosophical on you with this explanation, but bear with me on this one.
Here’s the deal – inferiority is a symptom of depression (and anxiety, to a lesser degree), and it greatly drives suicidal thoughts.
Serious talk right here.

But why?

  • Anxiety is a sense of worry, being unable to change the circumstances of your worry, or just stop feeling worried. It makes you feel powerless and drives you into an inferiority complex because of that.
  • Depression causes negative thoughts, some of which affect the way you think regarding yourself, lowering your sense of self-worth and filling you with doubt and inferiority.

So far so good, yeah?

Having a bit of an inferiority complex myself back in the day I could tell that this wasn’t normal behavior.
So after mustering a fair bit of courage I decided to put an effort into learning how to stop feeling so darn inferior, I looked up at all the free advice I could find.

And it sucked, all of it.

People just keep writing about this positively nonsense, time and time again, and keep getting a lot (and I mean, a lot!) of supporters and followers because of that.

Heck, I could do that too!
But I won’t.

What I am going to do is to write you 3 tips on methods that I learned and tested by myself on how to stop feeling inferior and get your life back.

Sounds awesome? I know, I think so too!
So without any further ado, Here are 3 of my tips on how to stop feeling inferior!

Overcome your Inferiority Complex

1) Confront your inferiority, for it weakens you.

Once upon a time, during my sunny high school days, I was the supposed “smart guy” of my class – I took ‘advanced’ classes in math and physics. That made me, by definition, smart.
Goes to show what people about me really knew.

Truth is, I could never be bothered with any of that nonsense, I simply chose these classes because they were easy to me. I am not quite a “math person” but very few of the people who are successful with these subjects ever are, most of these qualities are learned and not born.

I never put the effort that was needed to be really good, until I decided I had enough of it.
So I met with some people to work on my homework and joined a study group, then something very odd started clicking to me.

I was better than anyone else!
And I am not saying this to brag, either.
I was working faster than anyone else in the study group, my methods were better and I left them in the dust easily, I was even on par with the “class genius”, if not even better than he was.

Sounds a bit arrogant, but if anything it’s shocking.

Despite all of my newfound resolve and excellent understanding of the required topics, I was still lagging behind in all of my exams and working assignments. I was barely passing while people who needed my help to finish all of
their assignments were running circles around me.

So much for being smart, eh? All of my teachers thought I just wasn’t good enough, and it pissed me off since no amount of effort I put in actually made any difference in terms of grades.
So it got me thinking.

If my problem isn’t my ability, what was it? The answer was as clear as day.
My own mind!

You see, my own limiting beliefs and worries were holding me back, here’s why:

  • I wasted time feeling sorry for myself – I screwed up tests because I got easily distracted and broke down in doubt whenever I was faced with a challenge.
  • I wasted energy on things I couldn’t control – when tested, it didn’t matter how much I studied beforehand when compared to others, what I was doing right now was the only important thing. This built up a level of insecurity within me.
  • I was dwelling on the past – My past failures were hunting me.
  • Despite knowing all of that, I didn’t change anything – I never bothered changing my mind at the time, and it proved to be my undoing.

So yeah, my long story was entirely relevant.
Don’t be like me, understand the method behind your madness quickly so it doesn’t consume you and cause you major losses.

2) Change your thoughts.

Easier said than done, I know, but this is a crucial step for you to take.

Develop healthy habits, ones that will forever keep you at bay.

Boost your energy, and optimism by extension.

Meditate and reflect to block out your negativity.

Stop talking with people who bring you down, surround yourself with those who support you.

Don’t be jealous and don’t compare yourself to others, you are your own person, and they are theirs. You will help no one by pitting yourself against others, more so because of the fact that you are likely to put yourself down unintentionally, based on your condition.

This type of emotional intelligence is extremely valuable to maintaining your mental health when talking to yourself in regards to your inferiority complex you will tend to think that you are being “logical”, presenting objective arguments on why you suck.

That actually couldn’t be further from the truth.

You see, people tend to feel first and rationalize later, more so if they are mentally unstable. You talk down on yourself daily, believing that you are worthless based on your ‘legitimate’ reasoning.

Stop that, avoid any negative self-talk and be sure to thank me later.

3) Change, darn it!

My ability to state to obvious may seem redundant to you by now, but believe me that it is anything but.

When beating around the bush with your thoughts you tend to avoid actions, we all do, that’s what is known as “analysis paralysis”.

Avoid that.

So instead of thinking about how worthless you are, work to stop feeling worthless and justify yourself through sheer effort.

It really breaks down like this:

  • “I am worthless, I can’t even land a job interview!”
  • *Studies psychology, human interactions, and multiple job interview tips*
  • *Gets a job*
  • “Yay, I am happy now!”

Sounds too simple?
Well, it really is that simple!!!

Those who work at something hard enough are bound to get results, validate your own success and disregard your inferiority complex through hard work.

Also, help other people, become someone they can depend on, and over time you will notice how your inferiority complex just withers away and dies.

Send your roses later, I don’t have an empty vase for them at the moment.

You are not inferior


Humans are not born equal, some are truly greater than others and some are inferior through their very genetics, it is a work of nature.

Yet most people are average, or close to average, in terms of intelligence (hence, the average being “average”),  and we all possess different advantages and disadvantages based on our body type and physical make-up.

Those who are outstanding are those who put in the effort with the right mindset, these two are the most powerful tools at your disposal.

So as long as you keep working against yourself by feeling inferior you aren’t going to get far, and as long as you don’t get better you are only going to get worse.

That’s all there is to it, really.
So to review:

  • Confront your feelings
  • Change your mindset
  • Validate your new mindset by working at it and becoming exceptional.

More of a 3-step system than a bunch of random tips, but it’s good enough for me!

I actually have just the thing that you are looking for, the solution for this problem 

Right, so while you go and become a better person, think on this question, will you?
“Why are you feeling inferior to others? Are they truly better than you or are you simply lying to yourself?”

More than one question, but I have faith in your ability to answer.
Make sure to drop your answer in the comment section below, I read through every single one of them and make it a point to reply.

If you got any personal questions you would like to ask me then make sure to drop a quick email, I will definitely read it and I will reply to you as soon as possible and to the best of my ability.

Email: [email protected]

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2 thoughts on “3 Tips on How To Stop Feeling Inferior”

  1. You are right. I used to go to school a long time ago believing that I am better than other people too with certain subjects. However, everybody in the class was doing better than me. After many years I noticed one very important thing. They were taking action and I was not. They worked hard and I was not. It’s not like anybody are born to be talented at working hard. It’s really the other way around. People have to put in a lot of effort and pain to work hard and break through problems. It’s all about focus and moving forward no matter what tries to stop you. That’s how people really succeed.

    1. Hello there, thanks for stopping by!

      People tend to feel inferior without having all the important details at hand, and that sense of inferiority only drags them back and lowers their level of results.
      Truth is, looking at others with envy will only stop you, most of them don’t haveany particular advantage over you to begin with.

      Cheers, Vlad

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