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5 Tips On How To Get Rid of Anticipatory Anxiety

Before asking ourselves how to get rid of anticipatory anxiety we need to understand what anticipatory anxiety is.
There are times when all you want to do in life is to find a way out of your hardship, to just have your problems stop. Anticipatory anxiety is the complete opposite of that.

Rather, it’s about really not looking forward towards something.
Say, like a person feeling intimidated by the thought of going to work, doing their chores, or visiting the bank.

Well, people with an anxiety disorder do experience these sorts of feelings, only much worse.
We all dread bad experiences, but when it comes to the point where you become mentally ill because of those fears, you have a problem.

That isn’t to say that stress as a whole is a bad thing, but anxiety can absolutely ruin you if you are not careful in managing it.

Luckily for you, there are many ways to get rid of anticipatory anxiety, here are some of my favorites!

1) Just get it over with

Back in the day, I used to dread exams.
Not just the written kind, but also when I was being tested by my manager over the quality of my work or by my military commander over one type of nonsense or another.

I dreaded these experiences, just the thought of being tested made me absolutely uncomfortable.
I even messed up some of my medical examinations due to how my heart rate and blood pressure changed.

Yes, even medical examinations were too much for me.

That being said, every time I was done, whether I failed or succeeded (and believe me, I failed a lot), I felt relieved somehow.

The fact is that some things in life are just outright unavoidable, and by prolonging them you are only causing yourself more suffering.

For example, a friend of mine used to dread his manager at work.
Not because he was a bad worker or anything but because of the way that he was raised he struggled with authority on multiple levels.

He would take the stairs instead of using the elevator, leaving the office after his boss and doing his best to not even approach the guy’s door.

During that time he was imagining the worst case scenario and growing to fear it.
Eventually, however, he met with his boss during one meeting or another and the most he got was minor criticism.

The sad thing is that he never truly got over these fears for the worst.

Don’t be like my friend.
If you wake up on Monday morning and groan, just get the day over with.
It’s just one day, you lived through plenty of Mondays before and you will get through this one as well.

You need to take action – when it comes to anxiety, overthinking is the enemy, and the sooner you get things done, the better.

Waiting anxiety

2) Stop caring so much

Ever since we were children we were taught to maintain a certain quality of success in most categories of life.
Be it at school, at social gatherings or just some other day to day issues.

We compare ourselves to our friends and grow envious and disappointed when we find out that they succeed more than we do.
A lot of people go as far as to push more successful people away, simply to not feel inferior.

Here’s the thing though, some things in life are just not worth the effort.

People look at success as a measure of worth yet the sheer fear of failing drives them insane.
Our experiences are extremely subjective, every problem that we face seems to be so huge and important, but in the grand scheme of things, most these problems are not.

Kids never stop to think about how, in 20 years, all of their tests and crushes and social statuses won’t even cross their mind much less affect them in any way.

They have no perspective, and adults are no better.

A friend of mine was recently interviewed for a position at a successful tech company and went absolutely crazy because of that.
He spent all of his free time getting ready for the big day

He was kicked out after the very first interview.
The company didn’t like him, and he didn’t really like their company culture either.

His worries got him nowhere, and he hadn’t regretted his failures in the interview.

A month later and he was already employed at another company that offered him pretty much the same working conditions.

The truth is that there are very few “once in a lifetime” opportunities so do yourself a favor and kick back for a bit.

You are much better off focusing your efforts on things that are actually important

3) Even if you won’t succeed, you can just try again

As I have said before, very few chances in your life are “once in a lifetime” opportunities.

There is almost always another opportunity waiting nearby, even if it seems like there really isn’t.

A few years back a friend of mine got into a relationship with a girl that he really liked.
The two were very attracted to one another, and she just seemed to be “perfect” for him (his words, not mine).

They didn’t even last a year together.

Needless to say, he was pretty devastated.
Sure, he wasn’t going around and crying about his recent break-up, but it was obvious that he was struggling.

A couple of days ago I happened to somehow mention her in a conversation.
He couldn’t even recall her full name.

So what happened? As it turns out, he found some other girl to go out with and had not looked back since.

Our world is full of opportunities and chances and there is almost always something that we can do to make our situation better.

So the next time you are facing a difficult and important task ask yourself this – “Should I fail, what do I do next?”

4) Don’t fear it if you can’t control it

Look, nobody likes being sick and visiting the doctor.
Nobody enjoys being called to the boss’ office on the off-chance that they might get fired

Yet these things happen, and you can’t really do anything about them.
So why bother getting nervous in the first place? It doesn’t make any sense!

Look, when something out of your control happens, just go with the flow.
There is no reason for you to think or “look for a way out”.

Instead, whenever you are confronted with a problem ask yourself the following question: Can I do something about it?

If the answer is yes, then it is your responsibility to take action.
For example, you can certainly improve your performance at work or take better care of your health.

In case there is nothing that you can do, then you are ought to simply let things play out.
Your worry will not accomplish anything and will only end up hurting you.

Using this method you can relieve yourself from considerable stress.

Calm and Happy

5) Ready yourself for a worst case scenario

One big problem with anticipatory anxiety is that stems from thoughts that have not reached a proper conclusion.

To use a similar example to before, you might be intimidated by the idea of discussing a project at work with your manager.

But what is the worst that can happen, really?
At worst, they will comment on your work and tell you to change something.

Sure, the experience may be unpleasant but it isn’t something to be overly stressed about.

By leading your own thoughts to their logical conclusion you can stop yourself from overreacting.
For the most part, there are very few decisions and mistakes in life that recovering from would be exceedingly difficult if not impossible.

Besides, by preparing for the worst case scenario you can effectively reassure yourself of whatever it is that you are so scared of.

After all, you are already prepared to deal with it.

These methods are a great start

The worst thing about anticipation is that it doesn’t just go away.
Among all symptoms of all anxiety disorders, it’s by far one of the most annoying.

Not only does it take a long time to get rid of, it’s also very gradual.

The main problem with anticipation anxiety is that it is a mindset-based issue.
People are negative by nature, and it is very hard for most of us to not fear the worst at all times.

The best way to overcome this problem is to treat your anxiety as a whole.
I would recommend checking out the Panic Away Program, in which you will find many different methods, tips, and tricks that will help you overcome your anxiety disorder.

Either way, you’re in for a long ride, so make sure to keep at it.

Now, before you, here’s a question – What do you do when you anticipate that something bad is going to happen?

We all overreact from time to time, and that’s fine!
Make sure to write down your answers in the comment section below – I personally go through all of them.

If you got any further questions you would like to ask me then just send me an email.

Email: [email protected]

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