How to Overcome the Fear of Flying In 3 steps!

When I was younger I never went on an airplane, and I only flew three times ever since I was born.

So for me to talk about how to over the fear of flying like this…
Yes, I really am that confident.

Keep in mind, it wasn’t so much that I was scared of airplanes, but rather that I was scared of crashing.

The idea of flying inside a giant metal bird thousands of feet above ground seemed okay to me, as long as we didn’t come crashing down.

But the more I learned about airplanes, the less likely it was that a plane that I was on would crash down.
In fact, the probability was near zero, something which would render it impossible under most circumstances.

Yet that did nothing to ease my fears.

At the time I mistook it as a fear – after all, falling from that height was enough to scare anyone!

Only years later I came to a sudden realization…

Here’s the deal, fear is the notion of distress caused as a reaction to a certain thought or event.
You can be scared of going on an airplane because it is an unknown to you, the idea of flying might be scary, and crashing down sure doesn’t seem pleasant, but they won’t bother thinking about that issue too much.

Yet when you come up with scenarios of impending doom, like terrorists or crashing planes, and let them consume you is the point that you suffer from a phobia.

Yet when you come up with scenarios of impending doom, like terrorists or crashing planes, and let them consume you is the point that you suffer from a phobia.

When you are fearful, often times simply convincing you that you fear is baseless would be enough to, at the very least, “risk it” and interact with something that you are afraid of.

On the other hand, phobic people will never take any explanation, regardless of how logical, as reasonable because they are too stuck-up in their own little world to care.

And I do mean that, too.
A phobic person will come up with excuses for his phobia – people decide most things by emotion,
Only later would they come up with a logical explanation for their decisions.

So when people with a phobia feel fear they will come up with an explanation for that fear to justify it inside their own heads.

Long story short, you can’t just “will” yourself to overcome this fear of yours, you need some basis and motivation (outside influence, whether you see it or not), and if you are phobic rather than fearful, you are going to need more help than just that.

Fear not, however, as I, Vlad, have the exact solution you are looking for!
So here’s How to Overcome the Fear of Flying in 3 steps!

Airplanes are safe

1) Accept your fear of flying as baseless

When you are scared, and even more so when you are phobic, your brain comes up with excuses to justify that fear, since it strives to be “logical”.

So don’t let it fill your head with excuses, instead read these facts and shove them down your crippling anxiety whenever you are having doubts.

In 2015, 560 people died due to 16 different airliner accidents.
Seems like a pretty big number overall, right? Wrong!
In 2014, there have been 102,465 flights a day – that’s 3,073,950 flights a month and 36,887,400 flights in that year.

that number actually increased since then, since new airlines are being issued daily, but since I can’t find any statistic from this year I’ll leave it as-is.
Out of these 36,887,400 different flights, 16 proved to be fatal – that’s a ratio of 1:2,305,463.

Literally less than on in a million, you are risking more actually getting to the airport than by flying on an airplane.

And why is that?

Because airplanes are mechanical wonders and are being piloted by some of the most well-trained professionals in any career.

There also are a lot more safety measures in an airplane than in your own car.

Heck, even if we were to assume that a crashing down plane mean death (rubbish, seeing as 16 airplanes have more than 560 people in them.), you are still more likely to die by crashing into someone else’s car – statistics about injuries aside.

Don’t believe me? Alright then, maybe you’ll believe some facts:

These are some specific numbers from some specific issues, you should just remind yourself that This isn’t the craziest thing you have ever done (flying an airplane, that is).

Give it a go, you will probably won’t die, and you will grow to trust airlines that much more from now on, to the point of you not fearing flights at all.
Well, in theory.

See, If you suffer from a case of phobia you will give in to your raw emotion, despite the fact that you can’t rationalize your issue.

Worry not my friend, we still have two steps to go through!

2) Prepare yourself, and then do it.

Some people may suggest to you breathing techniques or therapy, but that’s a waste of your money.
You got something you fear, we all got something we fear.
Maybe you even have a phobia towards that “something”, it doesn’t really matter – the solution is the same.

See, no amount of talk is going to change the fact that you have to confront your fears (or phobias) to overcome them.
You may soften the blow by talking with your friends, family and/or your therapist (if your case is severe) and try some techniques such as meditation and anxiety-preventing techniques.
If worse comes to worst, you could always stop your panic attacks dead in their tracks.

Despite all these, the blow will still come, and despite how ready you are going to get to it, you still will get a massive impact over flying in a plane.
Honestly? Even if you can’t bring yourself to fly then ask someone to force you. Go and declare to them that you will fly in an airplane and asked for their help, if they care about you they will stick by your side.
Also, if you don’t fly like you promised you will come off as a liar, and no one likes being a liar, right?

3) Repeat steps 1+2 until you overcome your problem.

I do mean it like that.

After you went through your first flight, as bad as the experience was for you, you need to go through it again.
Recall the facts, talk to people, do some exercises and meditation, and try again, perhaps with someone by your side.

I am not being cruel, in case you wonder, but the harsh truth is that the only real way to deal with your problems is by facing them.

So yeah, say you have flown in a plane, and it caused you some major shock and emotional distress. Well, too bad, that didn’t help your problem.

So deal with the facts, soften the blow, and take another shot at it, and another one and another one.
Phobias are a form of an anxiety disorder, and the only way to deal with anxiety is to face it until it goes away.

So yeah, fly and fly and don’t stop flying (assuming you have the money and the need to do so), over time you will notice that this situation turns from “oh my god it’s scary!” to “Nothing special” very quickly, you will simply get used to it.

Flying safely

It’s all in your head

So those are the three steps you should take to deal with your fear of flights. steps 1+2 will be enough in most cases, to varying degrees, but in case of a severe phobia step 3 is a necessity.

If you will follow these steps I can almost give a 100% guarantee for improvement in your condition, I’m withholding the number ‘100’ due to the fact that there are no perfect solutions.

People are scared of the unknown more so than the known, even if it’s much more dangerous in comparison.
So fly, have your fun, and your problem won’t come back again, and if it does…
Well, you know how to deal with it!

So while you are flying to some exotic vacation or visiting a relative, check out this question right here: Have you ever had to deal with a fear of flights? If so, what did you do? Did it help?

More than one question, but I have faith in you! Leave your answer in the comments below, I read every single one of them!

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2 thoughts on “How to Overcome the Fear of Flying In 3 steps!”

  1. wow this is quite interesting, for we mostly use to see airplanes up in the air and the question that we always comes to our mind is are there people inside there and if so are they not scared to fall, but surely you have answered my question right

    thanks for the information provided

    1. Thanks for you comment Jose!
      The fear of falling is somewhat ridiculous when you really think about it. Airplanes are very much secure from these types of scenarios, more so than cars ever could be.

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