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Destroy Depresssion Review – Is It A Scam?

For the love of me, I couldn’t come up with a single solid program to combat depression on the internet.

Seriously, You have no idea how little there is on the internet regarding self-help programs for depression

And most of those that I could find and try out simply sucked.
Either they were too personal, too sugary or just plain useless.

The creators of these programs tended to stuff them with a lot of fluff and only give the most basic of advice.

And then they would ask 99$ dollars per month

Then this guy came along

Who is James Gordon?

James Gordon

I stumbled upon James Gordon by complete chance.
I was looking for reviews of anti-depression products and there he was.

A former sufferer of depression who found his own way, and through hard work was able to get better.

The reviews seemed positive, but when I actually got onto his website my first reaction was “this seems like a huge scam”.
Sure, he was mentioned on a bunch of big websites, but it honestly looked like he was trying too hard to sell me his stuff.

All the same, I got his program and sent him an email with a couple of questions about his product.

He answered me within a couple of hours.

This was odd, I wasn’t used to such a level of dedication and support from any program that I’ve ever purchased.
He answered all of my questions and was very through with them, too.

For that reason alone I decided to try his program out – at worst, if I ended up disliking it, I could always get a refund.

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The product

The Actual program breaks down into 4 E-book guides and 2 other video courses that you can buy if you liked the previous material.

These Ebooks include:

  • The “Destroy Depression” E-book
  • CBT Workbook and Tools
  • The Depression Free Mediterranean Diet
  • Goal-Setting Workshop

In my honest opinion, only when properly read through and applied simultaneously, do these books have great value.
If you only take bits and pieces off each one of them you will not draw practically any value off of them.

The first thing you should know about this system is that it isn’t a magical solution, you will be working long and hard to see any improvement.

You will need to read and start applying all of his tips and tricks right off the bet.

So what do we have here, really?

destroy depression ebook

The Destroy Depression Ebook

The main book of all of these books, and the one that amounts to an introduction to the entire system.

It starts by describing Gordon’s personal experiences as a depression sufferer – How many antidepressants and pills he was consuming, how regular psychiatry did him no good and how he sought his own solution as a result of that.

Like I’ve said before, this part pretty much resonated with me, so I kept reading.

He then brought up a pretty ridiculous statistic about 80% of people suffering from depression. and started talking about stuff like the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale and the fact that there’s no such thing as “magic pills”

His own mindset reminded me of my own, so that was pretty interesting.

Then there’s the actual book.

Basically, it breaks down into 7 chapters, each of which discusses one thing that you can do in order to cure your depression.
These chapters are:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • People
  • Sunlight
  • Help yourself by helping others

The writing is very solid and easy to understand – The book does give some highly practical advice.
Not only that, but it also discusses some very underrated issues such as SAD (Seasonal Anxiety Disorder) and sleeping disorders that are caused by depression.

The one thing that comes to mind after reading this book is how it doesn’t have any fluff to it.
The advice was on point and could be applied immediately by anyone.

It’s clear that this book is all about action.

The biggest issue I had with this book was the fact that in his attempt to keep things short and “to the point”, Gordon skipped on some very important data.

For example, some his tips on the “sleep” subject could’ve been more thorough, and his introduction was a tad lacking there aside from that

This workbook is a pretty good fit by itself, providing the general basis for Gordon’s entire system, but it is only complemented by the other E-books in the program.

All the same, for what it is, the destroy depression E-Book is solid and gives you lots of value.

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CBT workbook

CBT workbook and tools

The next Ebook in this program is the CBT workbook.

The idea of CBT is that our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions are very closely related.
Not only that, but they affect each other constantly.

CBT, or Cognitive-Behavioral therapy, discusses the notion that by taking action (“behavioral”) and changing the way your perceive any given event (“cognitive) you can affect your emotions as well.

The premise is very simple, but the greatest strength of this workbook is the execution.

There are many diagrams, explanations, calls to action and affirmations to be found here.
There’s an actual “process” described in the book, one that is very easy to follow.

Aside from the big “plan”, there’s a huge variety of tips and tricks that James Gordon has included.
Ones that won’t go amiss on any of us.

It takes the “CBT” chapter from the “Destroy Depression” course, which seemed lacking, and completely remakes it into a powerful tool for you to use.

Without going into too much detail, this workbook is probably, in my opinion, the best in terms of raw value among all 4 Ebooks.

mediterranean diet book

The depression free Mediterranean diet

This book actually introduced me to a whole new concept in terms of dieting.

The idea that James Gordon presents is a simple one: Every diet is based on limitations.
Fat, carbs, calories and the like.

Well, how about a diet which focuses on none of these?
No, this diet has but one goal – to make you as ‘mentally’ healthy as possible.

In order to accomplish that, James looked at countries with historically low rates of depression.
He then studied their cuisine and came up with this list of foods.

In a way, this isn’t so much an E-book as it is a dietary cheat-sheet.
None of his chapters are overly comprehensive, but they contain enough of an explanation to make his point.

Some would call it lacking, but from my perspective, it’s extremely practical.

The author uses short segments to cover a topic as big as “diet” in very few words, without losing anything from the general idea.

This makes this book truly impressive, in my opinion.
It contains all the do’s and dont’s of mental-health-based dieting, and for what it is, it does an amazing job.

goal setting workshop

The goal-setting workshop

The CBT book may be the best one, but the goal-setting workshop is the most valuable and thought-provoking one.

In this book, the author presents the concept of “procrastination” as the enemy, and pursuing a certain goal as the solution.

This goal is happiness, and there are 5 main “pillars” of happiness.
These are:

  1. Health and energy
  2. Relationships
  3. Meaning
  4. (Financial) freedom
  5. Inner peace and spirituality

According to Gordon, by setting goals that can improve the quality of any of these five pillars, you will get closer and closer to “happiness”

Heck, even the process of actually “trying” to reach them is enough to push depression further away.

He then begins explaining how to actually achieve these goals.
Discussing the right ways to take action, things to avoid and how to have the right mindset for it.

This book actually goes well with the CBT book.
Between the two of them, setting goals and achieving them can become just that much easier.

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The program is on the short side, and that’s good

In terms of cost-to-word ratio, the program ends up being underwhelming in terms of length-for-price.

But, believe it or not, that’s actually a good thing.

This program has close to zero fluff and offers a huge variety of advice that other programs would waste many hours of your time before actually handing them over

Now, with it being a Clickbank Product, the 60-day no-questions-asked refund policy was exactly what I needed.
Seriously, if a program is non-refundable, I won’t even bother looking into it.
Nor would I ever recommend it to any of you.

If you ended up disliking it for whatever reason, feel free to refund it and get your money back, just like that.

The author knows that no single solution is going to fit everyone, but the vast majority of people could still benefit from it, no questions about it.


  • Covers a variety of methods to treat depression
  • Action based
  • Little to no fluff
  • has a 60-day refund option
  • Relatively cheap (when compared to therapy)
  • Awesome support, Gordon replies to emails fast
  • Lifetime access to a program that actually bothers to update itself


  • Isn’t a magical pill and will require effort to apply
  • People with extremely severe depression won’t benefit from it fully
  • In its attempt to be highly practical it has glossed over some details here and there

Final thoughts

Among all depression-based self-help products, I daresay that this one is my favorite.
It is highly practical and promotes many ideas and courses of action that I personally believe in.

Honestly, considering it’s fully refundable, there’s very little resistance to actually trying it out.
You should definitely give it a go, but only if you are truly ready to make the effort to change your life for the better.

Final Score

A must buy!

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Destroy Depression program

10 thoughts on “Destroy Depresssion Review – Is It A Scam?”

  1. Why did you say, “People with extremely severe depression won’t benefit from it fully”?
    I have been reading about the program, then reading reviews about it.
    That one sentence kinda stopped me in my tracks though… because, well, I’m in that category.

    1. Depression is mostly an obstacle that makes you get in your own way.
      The problem with this program that it only gives you a method and a guideline, like a program should in fact, but it won’t magically cure your condition.

      It works, but for people with very severe depression it might be particularly difficult to apply its principles.

      As long as you do though you are very likely to get at least some positive results for your efforts.

  2. David Crichton

    No comment from anyone else about having purchased this or when James Gordon wrote his or whether he has ever updated it or just leaves it to run in true scam style for many years.

    Whether anyone has actually received a refund??

    1. The program is 100% refundable within 60 days, the refund is guaranteed by ClickBank – if you don’t like it you’ll get a refund within a day.

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