The 4 Major Causes For Panic Attacks

Before this article, I talked about how you should deal with panic attacks after they begin.
Yet I am yet to talk about panic attacks in general. or more specifically, what causes panic attacks to begin with.
I had to know at least some causes for panic attacks, otherwise, I was just running in circles.

You see, I will never pretend to be a licensed expert. Not only is that illegal, it’s also extremely unethical.
No, my story is a more humble one.

When I was about 14 years old my anxiety started to manifest, only increasing from that point on. By the time I hit 18 I began going through panic attacks.

I honestly didn’t know what was up with that anyway, I just started getting overwhelmed by things I never even bothered with prior.

It all went downhill from there…

This issue intensified five times over by the time I joined the military. Everyone was being a jerk, I could not stand these people and it was driving me insane.

I would snap randomly at people, I couldn’t stand the most minor of annoyances, it was as if my threshold of patience was exhausted completely.

I almost got thrown into jail once (yeah, actual jail), because I told my commander to leave me alone. There was no room for understanding there, they only saw a certain goal before them and anything else didn’t matter.

When I was feeling depressed I avoided eating, knowing that my nausea might make me puke.
My personal commander noticed this, walked up to me, and ordered me to eat.

I told him that I was nauseous, he reminded me that he gave me an order. I told him I would choke on this food, he said that if I do he would have me put on trial and locked up because I was “vandalizing military property”.
Yeah, he actually called me “a military property.”

My panic attacks were severe, and each of them was met with a heavy punishment. That only made my condition worse.

Heck, one time I actually ended up in the emergency department and got a particularly angry phone call from my commander, who told me that I had to ask for his permission to go and see a doctor before I do.

I almost got put on trial for that as well, the punishment wouldn’t have been severe at all, yet in my condition, I couldn’t afford any of that.

I needed an out, so through some visits to psychiatrists, unusual stubbornness and plenty of determination, I got out of there.

My condition was getting better over time by itself, but to get rid of those panic attacks for good I needed to answer one very important question.

Panic attacks can be genetic

What are the causes for panic attacks?

To be completely honest, they break down into four major categories. They are considered to be major because of the fact only a single one of them is needed to make a person go through endless panic attacks, assuming it’s severe enough.
But what are those, anyway?
There are some questions worth asking and some answers worth seeking when it comes to this topic.

1) Are panic attacks hereditary?

People, such as those who are believers in the law of attraction, will tell you how you are responsible for anything that you experience, and how it’s all your choice in perspective and so on and so forth.

Yet there is always a certain factor that is not in our control. 99.99% of all people can be smart, but to some, it comes easier through higher intelligence.

As such, some people go through more difficulty than others when dealing with anxiety, depression and overall mental health.

So to answer the question: are panic attacks hereditary? Yes, yes they are. Anxiety is hereditary, so by extension panic attacks are as well.

A lot of this stuff is in your genes, and while it won’t make you suffer from anxiety necessarily, it will make it more likely.

It should be noted that while certain people are more likely to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks that don’t mean that they can’t overcome them through effort.

Genetics work against you, and because life is hard, even the most common occurrences may lead to anxiety disorders and panic attacks.

For example, my mother suffers from both anxiety and panic attacks alike.

2) Does stress cause panic attacks?

You guessed it.
Stress is a cause for panic attacks, as it can cause acute anxiety (severe anxiety)
Because of that, stress can also lead to panic attacks.

Think about it, when faced with a desperate situation, what do we do? We begin worrying and trying to take action to make it better.

Right? Right!

After all, if there is not pressure, why should we do anything at all? Pressure and stress, to varying degrees, are some of the most important motivating forces in our lives.

Where does the problem actually start, though?
Once you being losing all proportion of stress you also lose your ability to manage it. By then it starts managing you, and that’s where the real problems begin.

You start feeling stressed over minor issues, and it makes you unable to deal with them properly, leading to more stress, bigger issues, and so on.

Am I not too clear? Understandable so here’s a quick example.
Let’s say I have this huge project to do, I am stressed, I mess up due to my stress. I get reprimanded by my boss, I become even more stressed and so on.

It starts from something smaller, which only leads to something bigger, like a giant rolling snowball of stress and worry.

At some point it becomes too much for you to handle and you break down, overwhelmed by sheer worry.

3) Childhood trauma and panic attacks may be related

Be it through abuse or specific events, childhood trauma may shape your mind in a certain way that is very difficult to shake off.

A child’s mind is much easier to manipulate, as it is far more open to information and experiences, the brain has barely begun maturing at all.

If you were bullied as a kid you may develop social anxiety. meaning that once you are forced into a social interaction your instincts will fall into the infamous “fight, flight or freeze” mechanism.

So what do you think will happen if you will be unable to handle it? Your brain will feel so threatened by these social events that this mechanism won’t be any good?

Simple, the sense of dread will overwhelm you, thus causing you to shut down completely, leading to a breakdown and a panic attack.

This is just one example, yet all types of traumatic events can lead to similar results. When your brain is overwhelmed it tends to go crazy, like a machine that overheats.
Fear, phobias, and dread tend to give out such results.

4) Analysis-paralysis.

People tend to believe that their ability to logically consider each and every situation is a source of great strength, more so when it comes to decision making.

Yet, like any other quality a person may have, it’s not perfect.
People who think too much tend to overthink every situation altogether. We strive to achieve optimal results, and as such every flaw becomes highly noticeable to us. Our need to optimal results demands from us to make the best decision possible.

This is a flaw in human nature because no result is optimal, to begin with. As such, by overthinking our options we end up either doing nothing or breaking down.

This leads us to have panic attacks, only by thinking about how things may end up playing out, no matter how unlikely the conclusions we make.

In other words, we literally panic over nothing.
The fact that this is a common problem is concerning.

Free from panic

Final thoughts and conclusions

those of you who are familiar with me and my method will be able to tell that I am I firmly believe in one particular method to solving problems.

Finding the causes and dealing with them, this is also my method to treat both anxiety and depression.
I actually came up with these through my personal experiences, yet once I reviewed them in depth I came up with the conclusion that these are the main driving forces, the major causes for panic attacks if you will.

As such, dealing with these will treat your panic attacks and anxiety over time.
How should you do that? I talk plenty about that on my website, yet I would highly recommend to check out my review of the “panic away” program.

The person in charge really speaks my language, so I feel I can safely recommend his work to you.

Here’s a quick question – How bad are your panic attacks? Do they come up often?

More than one question, but make sure to drop an answer in the comment section nonetheless, I read every single one of them.

If you got any question you would like to ask me personally make sure to drop a quick email, I will be sure to answer to it as soon a possible!

Email: [email protected]

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2 thoughts on “The 4 Major Causes For Panic Attacks”

  1. In the last years I heard more and more about panic attacks, so i guess they are growing in frequency. However, I had no idea they had causes like stress and heredity. I kind of heard that traumas in childhood can cause a lot of problems years later, so I can’t really say I’m surprised. But stress as a panic attack factor is probably pretty frequent now, that’s what I think.

    1. Hello Ashley, thanks for stopping by!

      Well, I guess you learned something new today, eh? Even so, you are correct in everything that you said. Hopefully you will use this information to help others out, even if you don’t go through panic attacks yourself.

      Cheers, Vlad!

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