Can Greed Be a Good Thing? Yes, Yes It Can

You know, I am kind of getting sick of hypocrites.
Not too long ago I wrote this article about depressed people being selfish, something that I haven’t noticed up until that girl I’ve talked about mentioned it to me.

Then comes this idiot.
It was another person I met in the military, a guy this time.
I was getting lots of sick days, leaving him with a lot of work, and he was always accusing me of faking them because of that.

I hated it.

I didn’t blame him for being selfish, but I did do the same to him out of spite.
He didn’t like it. He called me out on not caring about him, which I confirmed.

He then said I was a greedy bastard.

Now, where I’m from calling someone “greedy” is oddly specific. It’s not something that will sound natural in a sentence – it doesn’t flow.

I told him to stuff it and half an hour later I got a sick day from the doctor. Serves him right too.
Still, I was being greedy in a sense.

I wanted to have all of the free time I could get my hands on for myself. I didn’t care about how much work I left him with, even if it was his responsibility and not mine in the first place.
That led me to a new thought.

Being selfish is perfectly fine, everyone is selfish. But why is greed, ambition in a sense, being frowned upon like so? It seemed ridiculous to me, it still does.

As such, I decided to ask myself the question – Can greed be a good thing? The answer I came up with may surprise you.
Yes, yes it can.

Being greddy is wanting more

Greed is an awesome driving force

By definition, greed is a general lust for status, power, riches and more.
We all want these things, so why is it such a bad thing? A strong desire to accomplish our goals shouldn’t be looked down upon.
Rather, our own actions should be judged.

We all would like to have “more” to ourselves.
Those that go on and get that “more” are fundamentally greedy.
In my example, I was being greedy because I took “off days” from the military due to being sick, but eventually, I started relishing that feeling of freedom.

And while I didn’t fake my illnesses, I started talking different doctors into giving me more “sick days”.
Sure, I was being greedy, and a bit of a jerk, but those two things aren’t necessarily related.
Greed is a powerful driving, it forces you to take action which is meant to lead to positive results.
I got my longer sick days because I wanted them badly enough.
What about you?

Greedy people brag about their accomplishments

Normally when it comes to teamwork the team takes credit for the effort. A greedy person says “screw them” and takes credit for himself.

Which is great.

Say you work in this marketing branch of a certain company and you want to get a promotion.
Your desire is very strong, enough to compel you into working longer and harder than anyone else, you come first and leave last.
You take the time at home to master your craft, you read many books about sales and psychology to really get into the bottom of your field.

You work hard, you become a master of your craft, and after half a year your results are being noticed by the management.

So what do you do? You tell everyone how awesome you are all the way through, and make sure that everyone knows that you alone led to these results.

None of them bothered to change or improve, staying at the same level of efficiency.
You, on the other hand, took major strides forward.

Since you are the only one that changed, you are the only noteworthy factor in the sudden increase of sales being made.

If you don’t promote yourself, other people will take credit.
If they don’t, the management will make assumptions, something that you are far better off without.
Here’s the truth:

  • If you don’t promote yourself, who will?
  • Other people feel bad because of their own sense of inadequacy, and it’s not your fault
  • They are spiteful and jealous, and that’s their problem
  • You aren’t being arrogant, you are being prideful.
  • You deserve every bit of recognition that you get, and then some
  • No, it isn’t a  team effort. They were doing what they were paid to do, you went beyond that. If the company’s sales per month were at 75, and you pulled them all the way up to 95, how is the sudden improvement a team effort?
  • They would like to take credit for your success, calling you names like vain, arrogant and a jerk when you refuse to let them

The thing is people who want more get more.
They have the burning drive to put the effort into realizing their goals.
We all want power, fame, freedom, status, and riches.

Society taught us otherwise, so we never act upon our strong desires, choosing instead to go with what we are told.

Greedy people take whatever they can get their hands on, and they don’t play nice.
Sure, other people may dislike them, but the greedy people are the ones who are having the last laugh.
They are the ones who are getting that big promotion, with a bonus and a hefty raise shortly after.

They don’t talk themselves down

People with anxiety and depression tend to be crippled by this pesky little voice in their heads.
In our heads. Yeah, I suffer from anxiety and depression too.

This self-damaging internal dialogue does you no favors let me tell you.
It only prevents you from achieving anything worthwhile.

Here’s the truth, people tend to have a quick impression of something, a purely emotional one, and then justify their own feelings with thoughts.

Say you are an addict, you want to drop your smoking habits but for some reason, you can’t.
Your brain comes up with these logical explanations that somehow get silent whenever you crave another cigarette badly enough.
This is the same thing here.

Instead of taking action you come up with excuses because it’s easier that way and you don’t have to get out of your comfort zone.

Greedy people don’t have this kind of mindset when it comes to stuff they really want – they don’t make excuses.
Sure, they might try to, but over time they will notice how they aren’t getting any of that power and money they want so badly, so they will just stop.

Should an excuse come up it will be met with the need for results and squashed on the spot?

They don’t bow to society

Thing is, greedy people are single minded and their selfishness is obvious. They don’t let social rules like politeness or manners get in their way, these are just distractions.

Sure they might play nice, but they will walk right over you if it means getting what they want.
That’s something you could learn from.

In this day and age far too many people focus on the community, the “we”.
So much so that they lose all of their sense of self.

Anyone who doesn’t put others before themselves is being frowned upon and called names.
Why? Why is acting on my interests is something so bad?
I want to do something, why should I go through all of that fake politeness just to not come off as being a jerk and hated by my peers?
This is ridiculous!

Achieving success

Final thoughts and conclusions.

Being greedy isn’t always a  good thing, far from it actually.
Each and every example I brought could be countered with an example that proves me wrong.
Greedy people aren’t good, but they aren’t bad either. They strive for greatness and they tend to get the most results. Sure, they aren’t perfect, but there is plenty of wisdom to look for in their behavior. I was being greedy, in a bad way, when I took off more sick days than I needed and left others to do my work.

But, on the other hand, a salesman who works hard every day to get a promotion is being far more meaningful and helpful than nearly anyone else would be in the same situation.

Sure, he’s in it for the money and status, but that’s a powerful driving force nonetheless.
Take from it what you will, but hopefully, you will learn to hold your ground a bit more from this point on.

Right, so here’s a quick question –  Did you ever notice people taking other people’s credit, or people dragging others down with them in a bad situation?

Make sure to leave your answers in the comment section below, I read every single one of them!

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8 thoughts on “Can Greed Be a Good Thing? Yes, Yes It Can”

  1. How funny that I should come across this blog post on the very day that I am feeling greedy! Haha! I woke up this morning and must’ve gotten out on the wrong side of the bed because everything seems to be against me- my glasses have broken, I have barely any hair ties left, I need to see an ear doctor and I have no money for any of these things. Hence the reason I am feeling greedy for wanting money to buy them! But you are right, if I wasn’t desperate for the ability to be able to go out and just buy these things, I wouldn’t be working super hard to achieve them!

    1. Hello Emma, thanks for stopping by!

      Being greedy isn’t a bad thing, it’s not a good thing either, but it isn’t bad. Wanting something for yourself badly enough might be called “selfish” under certain situations, but is gets stuff done.

      Cheers, Vlad!

  2. I understand your view on greed as a driving force; however, I think that the word “greed” has a universally negative connotation, which ultimately makes people look down upon that attribute.

    I would perhaps replace “greed” with “ambition” or “hunger” because in my opinion, being greedy means that you’re not humble and remaining humble is a key factor to the achievement of any goal.

    1. Hello Kenan, Thanks for stopping by!

      One difference between greed and ambition is being humble,, as you said. Yet from personal experience, if you don’t take credit for what you did and claim everything that you are worth someone else is going to.
      I think that people can be as greedy as they want to, provided that they don’t step on others to achieve their goals, and claim whatever success they have to themselves.
      Being humble is nice and all, but at times I feel like it’s another one of those “social rules” that are meant to not offend anyone. As long as you aren’t doing anything bad to people, you shouldn’t care if they are offended by whatever it is that you do.

      Still, gred isn’t the perfect quallity, neither is ambition. We are all flawed, and that’s okay.

      Cheers, Vlad!

  3. Hello Vlad,

    It’s interesting to see two different sides of greed. Generally, this term always associate with negative aspects like lust. I think, in my opinion, there are ways where you can turn greed into something positive. For example, there are people who are greedy financially like philanthropist because they want to provide value or help to people around them, such as donation. They are greedy for the good cause. So, yes, I agree with your statement. It is a matter of being greedy with the correct approach.

    1. Hello there!

      Greed is seen as something negative, but that’s mostly to it not being “socially correct”.

      I find that greedy people can be the most incredible of all, since they want more and are willing to put any effort to get it.

      It’s a great quality to have in my opinion.

      Cheers, Vlad!

  4. You can call it my luck or fat but whenever I have been too greedy, I usually mess things up. I guess, what people usually mean by saying not to be greedy is that it diverts your attention and blurs your goal. I guess if you see it that way it completely makes sense.
    But yes, your point of view is new and different as well. I guess, it really depends on how you take things,

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