Anxiety Can Make You Feel Crazy, Even If You’re Not

Being crazy

For those of us who have experienced panic attacks and general anxiety, this is not an uncommon feeling.

When anxiety reaches its worst, there tends to be a certain feeling there: As if everything around you is unreal.
You feel disconnected, the boy is filled with intense fear and the symptoms of anxiety become much more pronounced.

The first time I ever saw something like this happening first hand was back when I was a soldier.
Some unlucky guy just had a panic attack, and his reactions were extreme.

He was dizzy, confused, believed that he was having a heart attack and more.
The experience was entirely overwhelming and he needed to wait it out: After all, panic attacks do not last forever.

Soon enough, the whole story broke out and became a hot topic for discussion.
We weren’t even 20 back then, we tended to gossip and be very immature.

Still, this encounter made me much more aware of how others struggle with anxiety.
It also made me question a few truths that I took for granted.

Can anxiety make you crazy?
Not immediately, of course, but over timeline Can the constant stress unhinge your mind?

Can anxiety cause psychosis?

At the strictest sense of the word, I found that being “worried sick” Is a real, actual threat to your health.
That is to say, if you experience too much stress and worry, it can affect your body and mind greatly.

As such, I had to wonder if it can alter your thoughts permanently.

When people refer to the word “crazy”, They usually mean someone who experiences psychosis.

The definition of psychosis, the one that I could find, was:

A severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality.

In other words, psychotics are people who are not in touch with reality.
This is a very broad definition, but it is good enough for us.

Still, this explanation makes it all the more clear that anxiety can not make you go crazy.

Well, psychotics don’t really know that they are out of touch with reality.

It is well known that psychotics experience hallucinations and delusions.
but more importantly, they suffer from a lack of insight and self-awareness

Sure, some are able to understand that their thoughts are off and regain control over them, but that isn’t the point here.

Anxiety sufferers are all too self-aware.
They think that they are losing touch with reality, implying that they have a measure of reality already.

Simply put, anxiety sufferers are not crazy, nor will their anxiety make them go crazy.
If anything, they are way too much “in touch” with reality.

So what are these thoughts, then?

Alright, so we have established that anxiety does not make you crazy.
But it does make you feel as though you are going crazy.

Anxiety is, by definition, excessive worry.
Anxiety makes everything seem much worse than it really is, and in many cases, sufferers just make up things to worry about out of nowhere.

This becomes very obvious when confronted with panic.

  • When they get dizzy they think that they are going to pass out
  • When their breathing becomes quick and uneven they think that they are suffocating.
  • They feel their heartbeat become quicker and begin thinking that they are about to have a heart attack.

These thoughts, these periods of worry, can be found in other anxiety disorders as well.
In other words, the fear of losing your mind is just one of many, in that sense.

But this just begs the question, why do we fear losing touch with realithyQuestiomark
These thoughts may not be an unusual symptom, but what causes them in the first place?

Crazy looking

Why do we think that we are going crazy?

These thoughts, these overreactions, typically happen because the brain does not know how to comprehend them.

Anxiety is, at its very core, a disorder that has a lot to do with worry.
Whenever the body is confronted with stress, due to worry, fear and the like, it reacts in a certain way.

Whenever you are stressed your body assumes that you are in danger and takes immediate action.
One part of this stress response includes certain changes in the brain.

It causes the amygdala (Your brains emotional center( to become more active.
It also decreases the activity in your brain’s prefrontal cortex, making you forgetful and unfocused

In other words, when stressed, you become more prone to irrational behavior and are not capable of thinking clearly.
I am sure we are all familiar with this: Getting stressed out over an interview, a speech, a presentation, an exam etc.

Due to this increased sense of danger and irrationality, the body tends to be very defensive.
At times this change is enough to make us think as though we are being crazy.

That being said, normally such extreme stress does not last for long.
When this stress response eases, the brain’s functions get back to normal.

The feeling of going crazy is a particularly common symptom of panic attacks.
These attacks, while very powerful, are short and do not last for long – In other words, this feeling of craziness eases relatively quickly.

On the other hand, those of us of suffer from chronic stress have a much more difficult time facing this problem.
their stress doesn’t ease nearly as quickly.

Simply put, this feeling is an indicator that you are faced with great levels of stress.

Now, what can you do about it?

How can you eliminate the fear of going crazy?

Can this fear of craziness be dealt, or are you doomed to doubt your own sanity?
This is really a no-brainer, you can easily overcome your fear of going crazy.

It is important to note that this fear is, for most people, purely situational.
This is also the reason that this is such a common symptom of panic attacks: Your brain reaches a certain “high” and once it gets off that high this feeling subsides quickly.

The biggest question here is how can you shake off this fear?

Get in touch with reality

As I have said, the main idea here is that your brain is overreacting.
It doesn’t know what is real and what isn’t and it reacts in an extreme way to what it sees as danger.

In other words, it is up to you to get back in touch with reality.
once you do, you won’t think of yourself as crazy anymore.

One thing that you can do to accomplish that is to repeatedly say to yourself that “this isn’t real”.
Getting a conscious grasp over your breathing, heartbeat, and sweat can be a great booster for that.

By making the entire experience go full circle and getting ahold of your body you can, essentially, come back to your senses.

Many people are convinced that they are going crazy because they can’t get control over their body.
This method of self-consciousness makes sure that they do.

Another useful method is to write down remainders and then read them to yourself repeatedly.
This is actually pretty useful, and I have seen many people use it to great effect.

Use distractions

One thing that defines anxiety is how obsessive it makes your thoughts.
Whenever you are stressed your thoughts, almost exclusively, revolve around a stressor.

Be it a major exam, your work, your family and the like.

When you reach the point where you doubt your own sanity, this becomes a much more serious issue.
Still, the answer remains the same.

Spend time with a friend, clean up the house, get some work done.
Do something that will keep you engaged and prevent you from thinking bad thoughts.

In my experience, other people are excellent distractions.
Furthermore, I believe that leaving yourself to your own thoughts is an absolutely terrible mistake to make in this case.

Control your breathing

This is a general method for dealing with stress, and I bet that most of you heard about it already.
“Breathe in, exhale and repeat” is a mantra that many experts preach, but there is a scientific backing to it.

Quick, shallow breathing is a symptom of anxiety.
This shortness of breath is called hyperventilation, and it is a major cause for concern.

You see, when you hyperventilate you take too much oxygen in and exhale too much carbon dioxide.
The body needs carbon dioxide to use the oxygen that it has, and when you have too much oxygen and too little carbon dioxide your body feels as though you don’t have enough air to breathe.

As a result, it will attempt to inhale more oxygen, even though you have too much of it as it is.

This problem can easily be corrected through measured breathing.

Start counting your breaths, inhale and exhale carefully and focus only on your breathing.
This can be considered pseudo meditation, which is great for you

Comical Craziness

You are not crazy

Regardless of what your brain tells you, anxiety does not make you crazy.
Far from it, in fact, in many ways being stressed means that you are human.

These feelings can be permanently overcome, but you need to have a method to follow to make sure.
I myself have used a self-help system that I would easily recommend, so be sure to check it out!

Before you go, here’s a quick question: Have you ever felt crazy from stress?

Be sure to write your answers in the comments below: I read every single one of them!

If you got any questions feel free to ask them down below or via email.

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